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“It’s ok (mother’s name)! Everything’s going to be ok!” – OB calling out to crying mother, while scrubbing in for an emergency cesarean section due to cord prolapse. It is one of the last things the mother remembers before being put under general anesthesia and it comforted her.

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 February 21, 2013  birth, Cesarean, OB, Thoughtful Thursdays  Add comments

  7 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “…Everything’s Going To Be Ok!””

  1. Wow, for the doctor to think so much of the mother to be sure the reassure her while prepping for surgery is a pretty big deal. I hope everything worked out for the best.

  2. See? It’s not that hard to offer just a few words of encouragement to a frightened mother, instead of blaming her for the situation or telling her to suck it up. Way to go doc, wish there were more like you. I hope everything did turn out to be ok for the mother and baby.

  3. I admit it, this one made me tear up. Hope all was well, in the end!

    • Same here, Kathryn! I got a little catch in my throat and thought “How awesome that the OP had this to comfort her in a super scary situation!”

  4. This one is mine!

    The link to my baby’s birth story is on here. Yes, it turned out well and he is about to turn one soon (and still nursing – my longest nursling, go me!).

    I was at four cm and begged my OB to break my water because I just had a feeling something wasn’t progressing right. When she did, we chatted for a bit, then I said, “Wait, before I walk the halls, can you check me again? Something doesn’t feel right.” That’s when the rest of the water broke and out popped the cord. I called my mom quickly at 7:22am, was being put under general at 7:24am, and Baby Sprout was born at 7:30am – pink and healthy and screaming.

    Not an ideal situation of course, but my OB was very comforting in those last few seconds before I fell asleep. You could hear the fear in her voice, but her words were very reassuring.

    • How very sweet and thoughtful of her. I’m glad you had such a good doc.

    • I’m literally in tears right now. <3 go mama. Your intuition saved your baby, and he was obviously born into love and celebration, even if you weren't able to immediately welcome him. Having a supportive birth team makes ALL the difference, even (especially?) when things don't go quite as planned.

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