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“Well, what did you expect?” – OB to mother pregnant with her third pregnancy, after two normal pregnancies and births.  The mother had stated that she was having a lot of pubic symphysis and sciatica pain with this pregnancy.

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  10 Responses to ““…What Did You Expect?””

  1. That’s what they told me during my 2nd pregnancy when I described these symptoms, “what did you expect, you’re already overweight”. Never got any treatment (because I was overweight a.k.a. my own fault?).
    So I’m curious about the story behind this.

  2. “I expected you to answer my question, not bat it back at me. Am I to understand you don’t know what to do for pubic symphysis pain?”

  3. “Everybody knows no woman in her right mind would possibly want more than 2 kids, so now that you were foolish enough to get knocked up again suck it up and deal with it because quite frankly I don’t care. ”

    OP, so sorry your concerns were dismissed like this and hope you were able to find a solution or a better provider.

  4. Got one better! I explained that I had shooting pain & numbness in my legs. I was told this exact same thing. Turns out I have MS. Stupid doctors!

  5. I expect a doctor to help me with my problem rather than to just blow me off.

    • Well, I think the MO is to blow you off when they don’t know the answer. Make you feel stupid so they don’t have to. Works (almost) every time!

  6. Now please understand that my quote pales in comparison to almost being given a drug you were allergic to..but I was pretty miserable. I saw a midwife at the next visit and she talked to me a lot about how to help the pain in terms of sleep, picking my kids up, supportive garments etc.

    She also sent me to a chiropractor and it has helped immensely with the pain. He also thinks that my pelvis being misaligned is why the baby is still transverse at 35 weeks. Hopefully the baby will get head down after a few more adjustments.

  7. There is much more awareness of symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) in Europe than in the U.S. or Canada, unfortunately. A bit of looseness is just part of pregnancy hormones, but not to this extent. It’s pretty miserable to have, and far too many clinicians dismiss it. I know mine did. But it can be treated. Nothing will 100% cure it, but it can be eased considerably.

    Glad to hear your midwife in the next visit believed it, gave you hints about it, and sent you to a chiropractor. That’s what turned it around for me…a GOOD chiropractor. And yes, a misaligned pelvis may well be associated with a fetal malposition.

    Chiro can help in many cases, but it’s important to do bodywork in addition to the chiro for significant cases of SPD (ligament release, usually the round ligaments, and balancing and releasing of the muscles around the area, which have probably been compensating). If you only do a straight chiro adjustment without the soft tissue work, it may not take (or hold). Both are important. The Webster Technique or the Bagnell Technique/Method can really address this.

    I’ve written more about SPD here:


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