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“If your newborn doesn’t latch immediately, chances are he never will.  You should just give up and formula feed.” – Lactation consultant at major metro hospital.

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  22 Responses to ““If Your Newborn Doesn’t Latch Immediately, Chances Are He Never Will…””

  1. If you went through all your Lactation Consultant training and you can still believe this, chances are you never will get it. You should just give up and find another job. Oh, and on your way out, leave a message at the nurse’s station that I want a nurse experienced in breastfeeding. Thanks!

  2. Five days. My daughter didn’t latch for 5 days. I had to pump to get my milk to come in and she breastfed for 14 months. Or maybe I just imagined the whole thing since clearly that isn’t possible.

    • I have a friend that pumped and fed for *three months* after trying repeatedly for weeks to nurse. Then in a desperate moment when she didn’t have milk on hand she tried *one more time*… Her daughter latched then and never went back to pumped milk.

      • Not the same at all, because she never even tried at first, but I know someone whose daughter was on a feeding tube for about six months. Once she was able to suck, she gave it a try. And she latched on just fine.

      • My daughter didn’t latch for five weeks. Then she suddenly figured it out and nursed for over two years.

        If breastfeeding is important to you, don’t give up!

  3. This was a friend of mine. I’d spent her entire pregnancy supporting her decision to bf, and encouraging her. The lactation consultant said this and she gave up completely. I tried to get her to see other consultants or use other latching techniques but she could never let go of what the “expert” said. She didn’t bf this or either of her other two children.

  4. What she actually meant to says was, “If your baby doesn’t latch on its own immediately after birth, or if you experience any other bumps in the road as you and your baby learn to breastfeed, you’re pretty much doomed and should just give up, because in all my years as a LC, I’ve never been able to actually successfully help anyone. Because I’m just simply terrible at my job.”

  5. If your kid doesn’t read the first time you show him a book he probably never will. If he doesn’t speak in complete sentences with fully formed words as soon as he starts talking, he probably never will. If he…you get the point.
    Breastfeeding, the only skill a newborn baby and mom are supposed to get perfect the first try!

  6. BS translation: “I have no actual experience in assisting with legitimate breastfeeding problems; I exist only so that the hospital can check off the box stating that they have a lactation consultant on staff.”

  7. This one makes me so mad.

  8. I’m confused. This “lactation” consultant is not needed by the mothers whose babies latch immediately, right? And the ones who need help because their babies didn’t latch immediately are told to formula feed instead. So then what is her job description exactly? ABM consultant? Because she clearly fails to help when it comes to lactation.

  9. Part of me wonders if this is one of the “lactation experts” hired by formula company breastfeeding help hotlines. Ash, I am so sorry that your friend was misled this way.

    • My Aunt was a LC that was hired by Nestle to educate and inform on Breastfeeding in hospitals, and leave them with formula bags for those who can’t.

    • Forgive my ignorance, but holy crap- that’s a thing? They do that and hospital allow it? How have I never heard this? That makes me so mad, out of principle. I was told my daughter wouldn’t be able to latch because the had a “tongue tie” (at almost 5, you couldn’t tell me that now!). She ended up on formula and had horrible digestive issues the whole time until we switched to cow’s milk.
      This time around, I have vowed to drop kick anyone who comes near my baby with a bottle, let alone formula, when she’s born. We are doing this!

  10. I swear, if people sprouted horribly ugly warts on their face every time they told a lie that negatively impacted the life of a new mother or her child, they would stop really quick.

    • That would be awesome!

    • Excellent!!! Wow, that would make finding the right OB so much easier. Just look for the one with the least (or hopefully NO) amount of warts. And you’ll know right up to the birth day if your OB ever pulls a bait and switch on you…with PROOF right there on his/her face! Love it.

  11. Oh. I suppose I should just take the three years and ten months I successfully nursed my firstborn, then, and send them back?

  12. My 31-week preemie didn’t latch for WEEKS, and even then he was a crappy nurser and we had to work for it. So I guess those 17 months of breastfeeding were just in my head.

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