Feb 072013

“A lot of visitors complain that there is no window to see the babies. Too bad. This is not a zoo. Babies belong with their parents in their rooms. The only babies in there are the ones who really have a need to be there.”- L&D Nurse conducting a tour of the L&D unit, including the nursery.

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  8 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “…Babies Belong With Their Parents In Their Rooms…””

  1. That is awesome.

  2. I submitted this. This hospital is awesome. They actively encourage VBACs, waterbirths, have more midwives than OBs and have wonderful nurses.

    And they have windowless nurseries, of course.

  3. This should be embossed in a shiny metal plate and hung up in every freaking L&D/nursery, everywhere! Love this statement!

  4. Oh wow, I wish the hospital I had my daughter felt that way. I had to call and BEG them to bring me my daughter at least 3-4 times before they would bring her to my room. No medical problems, no explanations as to why. Just that they were busy and it would take them some time to get her ready to come see me.

  5. This is awesome. I’m kind of surprised it got five thumbs down!

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