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“Oh, some women like to get *comfortable*.” – Midwife was referring to the panties worn by the mother during an ultrasound.  The mother had worn the only underwear that fit her belly at the time.

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 February 6, 2013  Midwife, Ultrasound  Add comments

  31 Responses to ““Oh, Some Women Like To Get Comfortable.””

  1. When is it ever ok to comment on a patient’s underwear? I mean, really, the last thing pregnant women want is to be reminded how their good drawers just don’t fit right now :/

  2. Why did she even comment on the underwear? All I can manage right now (7 months pregnant) is my really worn out, super stretchy granny panties (sorry if tmi). DH is not too pleased about it, but even he knows better than to say anything. If he can figure out not to speak, why can’t this midwife?

  3. “I wasn’t aware this was a fashion show. I thought we were here for a medical test.”

    • Oh, darn! You mean this is not where they hold the auditions for Victoria’s Secret?

      • Victoria’s Secret does not make clothing meant for pregnant women or recently delivered mothers. Pity too. My husband would have been elated to see me in something other than a nursing bra and maternity panties.

        Maybe we can start a petition. Real lingerie for real life for women with really pregnant bellies.

        • There are a few companies that make prettier things for expectant and breastfeeding moms (sorry, can’t remember the names off the top of my head), but they’re almost all online only, and kind of pricy. :( Which is a shame, because sometimes I want to wear something pretty to boost my confidence…

        • A friend got some pretty maternity lingerie from a company called hotmilk. You could google them.

        • i think that VS Lacie line would fit just about any time! stuff is durn stretchy!… i usually just wore anything that fit UNDER the belly. so… anything.

          • Motherhood Maternity makes bikini panties that are scooped to fit under the belly. They are awesome and in cute cotton prints too.

          • Be very sure about the size though. I got what they recommended, and the bikinis ended up being slightly thong-ish. And when I was REALLY pregnant, I only wanted to floss my teeth, not my bum.

  4. And if a pregnant woman walked in wearing high heels and a thong she would get a lecture about posture and how a thong can tranfer fecal matter from the anus to the vagina. Please, if you have nothing nice to say shut your trap!

  5. Hey lady, you’re lucky I’m not wearing my husband’s boxers. Now, do your job or get fired.

  6. Oh, fuck you. Is this one of the people who will scowl when they attend a birth and see not perfectly trimmed pubic hair, or unshaven legs?

    • I’m supposed to trim my pubic hair before labor?? I am so sorry to all my previous midwives, I didn’t know ;)

      Unshaven legs? Ha ha, the shower is dangerous right now and I can’t even see feet when I’m in there.

      • I wonder how we’re supposed to trim down there…I’m only 25 weeks and haven’t been able to see that area for a few weeks now!

        • Once i couldn’t see to shave there myself, i employed my fiancee to help. He didn’t mind one bit lol. At first i was a bit nervous about letting him near there with a razor, but he was more careful than i was!

          • Hmm, may have to hire my husband to help me out. :)

          • Lol my husband would appreciate reading this. He’s been offering to help me with it, but I’ve been reluctant to trust him there. But I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can barely reach around my belly, and forget about seeing there, even with a mirror it’s too difficult.

      • If you can’t take the vagina (in all its unshaven, au naturel, forest-y glory), get out of the L&D room.

      • My mom begged my dad to shave legs at the end. Being due in August sans AC did not sound fun.

    • Reminds me of a friend of mine telling about his brother and his sister in law. His sister in law was VERY pregnant and is very shy about being “pretty” for her husband. By the 37th week she had “furry” legs and her other reigons… well, it wasn’t her usual level of grooming.

      So her husband scheduled a spa day for her to get a pedicure, her legs and other areas sugar waxed and her hair done up cute. She was ecstatic.

      He’s made it his tradition ever since that when she starts getting to the point that “prettying up for him” is just too hard, he gets her gift cards so she can choose how much or how little grooming she wants.

    • haha. I’d laugh at that kinda nurse. I’m au naturale down there and I don’t care to change it one bit

  7. The thing that makes this extra special is that I wasn’t even wearing granny panties! I was wearing boy shorts that hit below the belly button. Don’t know what her deal was that day.

  8. Silly me…I like my underwear to be comfortable every day, pregnant or not. Apparently the tech prefers her panties in a wad…;)

  9. You’re supposed to wear underwear?lol

  10. When I’m carrying another human being inside of me, “comfortable” is about the last damn thing I am. The last thing, that is, other than concerned about your unsolicited opinion.

  11. I didn’t realize this was a special edition of What Not to Wear. Do I get my $5,000 now or when the tech shuts her pie hole about my underwear?

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