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Nurse: “So, how long do you get these shots?”

Mother: “I don’t know, until I deliver I guess.”

Nurse: “Well that sucks. Well, not for me, I don’t feel a thing.”

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 February 6, 2013  L&D Nurse, prenatal  Add comments

  18 Responses to ““…I Don’t Feel A Thing.””

  1. I hope this was a clumsy attempt to lighten the mood.

  2. You’re about to feel something.

  3. Sadly, no, it wasn’t an attempt to lighten the mood. This nurse was horrible and I had put in several complaints about her prior to this and even requested she not treat me. Unfortunately, she wound up being the only nurse available during this appointment so I was stuck. This comment came immediately after a weight check in which she looked at me, set the scale to 150, and declared it broken when that was too heavy. She did not adjust the sliders at all and wrote “invalid” in the weight box on my sheet. I was 29 weeks at this point and had only gained 6lbs (after losing and gaining back 10lbs), putting me at 141lbs. She left me in the exam room and went to get my progesterone shot. When she came back in she licked her finger, thumbed through my chart, and this exchange occurred as I was rolling down the waist of my pants. She then laughed, asked if I was ready, and jammed the shot into my hip. All without cleaning my skin, gloving up, or washing her own hands that had just been in her mouth and handling papers! I filed ANOTHER complaint against her after that and left the practice the following week when she almost gave me a shot for a different patient that was meant to help jumpstart contractions. So basically she nearly induced me and when the doctor asked her how she could mess up so bad, she rolled her eyes and offered me a lolly pop! I left the practice and had a new OB the following week, which turned out for the best because 90% of my chart is falsified or just missing completely.

    I should also mention I have had 2 previous c-sections, my first being a preemie, for the EXACT SAME complications that lead me to needing progesterone shots in the first place. I start contracting at 15ish weeks and start dilating and effacing by the 20th week. I am now 36 weeks along and have been contracting regularly since about 15 weeks, but there has been no cervical change thankfully, however the baby does appear to be suffering from IUGR and I will most likely not make it to my scheduled c-section date before delivering.

    • Oh my… no words! I will skip everything about the nurse and just wish you a safe delivery (in 3+ weeks!)

      • I had so many problems with this specific nurse that when I finally put in a complaint to my insurance company about it (because the hospital and OB were doing NOTHING about her), they requested my complaints I had submitted to the hospital. After getting in touch with several other mother’s using the practice, they are in the process of terminating their contract with them.

        • So glad to see you didn’t just leave it there, and kept escalating it. Someone who makes those kind of mistakes should not be in healthcare, and the doctors employing her should care if their nursing staff is endangering their patients like that.

        • Go you! Way to help protect other moms and babies! It’s an unfortunate situation. :( Sorry you were treated badly. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I hope all will be well with you and baby.

    • Wow, that woman is a walking m a l pr a ct i c e suit, isn’t she? And the doctor didn’t fire her after witnessing the eye-roll, either.

      I’m glad you got out of there, and best wishes on your upcoming birth!

      • The doctor hasn’t fired her because apparently she’s not actually employed by the hospital OB practice, but their labor and delivery unit. So she doesn’t have the authority to fire her, just request that she not be given rights to work in the practice, which is under the OB’s name.

        • That’s extremely strange. The woman was seeing you at prenatals, right? So how can she not be employed by the practice?

          If the doctor has no athority to forbid incompetent practitioners from seeing his/her patients, then the doctor cannot provide adequate care.

    • Sweet heart, she was punishing you. I’m so sorry you went through this.

      • I’m certain she was because she used the 16 gauge draw needle every time she gave my shot instead of the much smaller 22 gauge the other nurses switched to for admistering it. She hated me because right in front of her I asked the OB if it was common practice for nurses to complain to a patient that the doctor expected them to do their job. Nurse Bitch had a nasty habit of “venting” about the OB always “getting on her” for not being busy/working. One day she actually hid in an empty exam room because she just didn’t feel like dealing with a patient who was crying and distraugt. I’m really hoping this nurse loses her job because she is terrible!

        • Oh my goodness. This “nurse” deserves to lose her job AND her license. She has no business interacting with the public, much less administering medications. And using the same needle to administer a medication that was used to draw it up is blatantly not best practice. It’s not even okay or acceptable practice. You don’t do that! (With a few exceptions like insulin.) So glad you got away from that menace. Good luck with baby!

        • How does someone like that even get thru nursing school?

    • Um, how is this place still in operation?

      • I haven’t figured that out yet either. Probably because they are located in the only hospital with a NICU within 45 minutes of anyone and are the only high risk clinic in the area for 2 hours.

  4. The sad thing is, in the right hands, this comment could have been really funny. I’m terrified to death of needles, and when I go to give blood, it always makes me feel better if the techs take a minute to tease or joke with me.

    “Okay, you look away now, and we’ll get this in, no big deal.”

    “Easy for you to say! You’re not the one getting stuck!”

    “True. But on the other hand, you’re the one who gets cookies.”

    “That is true. I do like cookies. OW!”

    “Think of cookies!”

    “Cooooookies . . .”

    This, however, is just horrible selfish incompetence. I find it hard to believe this nurse is older than fifteen. Walking public health hazard. I’m glad you’re pursuing this and getting something done before she does someone serious harm.

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