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“History of gestational diabetes, may develop diabetes later in life.”- Note in medical file.  Mother was tested extensively for GD through all three pregnancies and never even had a borderline result–as was clearly shown in the exact same file.

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 February 1, 2013  prenatal  Add comments

  19 Responses to ““History Of Gestational Diabetes, May Develop Diabetes Later In Life.””

  1. …buuuut she’s fat.

  2. And now that it’s in her medical records, have fun expaining it to the health and life insurance when they try raising her premiums.

  3. the ob is just asking for a complaint to the state medical board

  4. Some people seem to think that the patient file is just a list of suggestions, to be elaborated upon at will.

    • Heh. Yeah. I laughed at how at my first prenatal visit me and the midwife were chit-chatting about my health history, and the question of UTIs came up. I started on about how I do get maybe like 1 a year but I always catch them right away and can treat them naturally and they never get out of control. I even shared my go-to supplement and she was happy for the advice. It seems she wrote that I have a “history of frequent UTIs” and now at every appointment I’m presented with, “since you have a history of frequent UTIs…” Um, I never said frequent! Barely 1 a year is hardly frequent! OMG. I swear sometimes they just write what they think they heard, or what they wanted to hear.

      • Actually, when I was doing research on UTIs in my early twenties the info I found said after you’ve had 3 UTIs as an adult (in any time period) they consider you just ‘likely to have UTIs’ and you’ll probably be listed as having either ‘frequent UTIs’ or ‘chronic UTIs’ in your medical file. When I spoke with my doctor at the time about it, she said she was a little more lienent, before she put it in a file she wanted *more* than 3 over a period of more than 3 years. So if you have 1 a year for several years…that amounts to ‘frequent’. Now, given, this was garnered some 8-10ish years ago, but from places like Mayo Clinic and urologists.

        • And yet when I spoke to my NP about possibly doing something to remove the scare tissue that is the source of the problem she said that they don’t “do” anything about it until you get up to 4 per year, not that I wanted another urologist down there in the first place.

  5. As I tried to reply to Dreamy above, only my link wouldn’t pink: You guessed it, Dreamy, I’m fat!

    I did have the doctor go through the file while I was sitting there to find the actual, negative, test results. (He probably wasn’t the member of the practice who wrote “history of GD” in the first place.) Hopefully he wrote a correction.

  6. Grr, stuff like this pisses me off. I have a good friend with many physical problems, like celiac disease and fibro. Her celeac is so sensitive that if she bakes with gluten-containing flour she gets seizures a few hours later from inhaling it.

    Before figuring a lot of this out (and still after) she was in a lot of pain. She would hold out as long as she could but would sometimes go to the ER for pain relief. Since the doctors couldn’t find a “real” reason for her pain the put into her medical file that she has “drug seeking behavior”. That file has followed her forever since and it has seriously affected her ability to get sufficient pain management.

    • My mom had an orthopedic doc, not even her family doc, label her as an alcoholic (she wasn’t) and it made it hell when she tried to get Social Security Disability later, and when she needed a liver transplant (not related to alcohol, caused by hep C) they tried to make her go through rehab first.

      • sweet… i’ll go to rehab, where they provide meals, and they do the cleaning…. and my insurance is gonna pay for it right? sounds like vacation!

  7. Wow. Falsification of medical records. Always classy. -__-

  8. and this is why i need to remember to get a copy of my medical records. just to see what they say.

  9. Gestational diabetes is the one more type of diabetes and need we need to be get rid of it as soon as possible.

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