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“If you’re feeling like you need to push, push! Let’s meet your baby!” – OB, when mother said she felt ready to push, without performing a cervical check.

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 January 31, 2013  birth, OB, pushing, Thoughtful Thursdays  Add comments

  4 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “If You’re Feeling Like You Need To Push, Push…!””

  1. Good, cervical checks are invasive and usually unnecessary.

  2. Actually the need to push is more of an indicator that it’s “time” than a check. You can get to 10cm and still not be ready to push. Your best bet is wait for the urge.

  3. Yes, but you can also get the urge to push before you’re at 10cm. If that happens and you do push, you can get bruising and swelling that ultimately makes the pushing stage harder. Personally I’d prefer a check, but I don’t really object to cervical checks myself, so I can see it bothering others who dislike them more.

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