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“Do you want single or double layer suturing? Double takes longer to heal, but I recommend it, just in case you want a VBAC later.  I know you were told you’d never get pregnant naturally but you never know.”- OB during pre-op meeting for medically necessary cesarean section of twins conceived by IUI.  The mother opted for double suturing and had a successful VBAC 2 years later.

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 January 31, 2013  Cesarean, OB, prenatal, Twins, VBAC  Add comments

  5 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “Do You Want Single or Double Layer Suturing…?”

  1. This whole statement just rocks. I love that she is given the choice, that he reaffirms her ability to conceive, tells her the pros and cons. Pretty awesome!

    • Also reaffirming that she and her uterus are not, and will not be “broken” by the c-section. I love the part where he DOESN’T assume she only wants these children and also doesn’t push tubal ligation.

      I’m in love with the doctor I think.

  2. Awesome! This sounds to me like a doctor who just naturally always does the double suturing, but somebody told him not to bother because this mom wouldn’t “need” it. So he went to the patient and asked.

  3. I really lucked out with my doctors. This was said by the head of obstetrics at the high risk maternity hospital in my home country. I since moved to the USA, to an area where VBAC was banned by all hospitals, but when I got pregnant with our surprise naturally conceived third child, my family doctor was totally ok with VBAC and supported me even though I developed high BP during the pregnancy and a u/s at 36 week showed an already almost 9 pound baby (baby turned out to be 8.4 when born at 40+2)

  4. I just love this. It honestly made me tear up. We were about to do IUI when we found out we were pregnant and due this May. I love that nurses compassion. :)

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