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“Water birth is disgusting, do you think I would get in a tub with you and all that blood and mess just to deliver your baby?” – OB to mother who stated that she would love a water birth for with this birth, her third.

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  40 Responses to ““Water Birth Is Disgusting…””

  1. Someone is misinformed. I never had anyone in the tub with me whilst I delivered my child. Just reach in and bring the baby up. How hard is that?

  2. Isn’t all birth a little on the yucky side. Based only on the title line I was expecting a nurse to be commenting on the difficulty of cleaning up the tub. This doctor needs to be willing to learn something new and step out of her comfort zone.

  3. Has this doctor even seen a labor tub? You couldn’t fit two adults in most of them.

    I don’t think my midwife ever touched the water. But really, if you don’t like blood and mess, I’d suggest a career in accounting. I didn’t want to deal with blood and mess for a living, so I became an administrative assistant and a writer. These are the choices we make.

    • I wonder if the doctor thinks a waterbirth is just like a bed birth, and the woman has to be flat on her back and the doctor has to be eye-level with her knees.

    • Seriously. I would love to make the money that an ER doctor makes, but I can’t even stand to watch gory, violent movies knowing that what I’m seeing is fake.

      There’s a reason that you feel the need to cover yourself head to toe, goggles and all, even when it’s a more routine birth and I’m up on the bed with my feet in the stirrups. The baby doesn’t come out in a cute little onesie and having been bathed by the magical vagina gnome that lives inside every woman.

  4. I was pretty shocked with her response, first for the lack of knowlegde in her part as a doctor, plus the rude attitute towards the process of birth! She even told me she likes her career but not that much to get that messy and catch my baby. Serioulsy….

  5. Doc, this isn’t Private Practice! I do not expect you to jump in, scrubs and all and swim in blood and whatnot. In fact (unless there’s an emergency), it’s better if you keep your hands to yourself.

  6. Actually doc, I prefer a water birth so you won’t deliver my baby. I’d rather deliver, and catch my baby myself thank you very much.
    No one will be getting in the tub with me with the exception of my husband, if and when I feel like it.

  7. Unlike, say, major abdominal surgery, which is all neat and tidy?

    • Yes, but we crunchy-granola laboring women squirt stuff at people. We’re out of control, I tell you! OUT OF CONTROOOOOL!

      But seriously, could this OB perhaps do a little research before shouting “EW ICK” and shutting this client down?

      • **laughing at

        squirt stuff at people.

        I wonder what the doctor thinks comes out of the vagina other than amniotic fluid, blood and a baby. Since it’s “all that blood and mess,” that rules out the blood as the “mess.” That leaves amniotic fluid and the baby as the mess. Since the amniotic fluid is sterile (correct?) the only possible thing the doctor could mean by “mess” is the baby.

        • Well… I pooped kind of a lot during my last water birth. It was a faster labor, so my body didn’t clean itself out as well as it did during my first birth. Luckily my husband (who was in the tub with me) didn’t say a word about it, just helped the midwife with the little fish net. The midwife said something about some germs being good for the baby and that was that. Yay for mature care providers!

          • The bacteria is good for their developing digestive track by helping build their gut flora. :)

          • I did the same thing in my birth tub. Ihad no idea that I had gone poo until I watched the video later and saw the birth assistant grab her little fishy net and scoop something out.

      • Must be, because a SURGEON grossed out by BODILY FLUIDS is in kind of the opposite of the right line of work.

  8. That’s fine. My husband will do it.

  9. Where did this ob get her training? I’d assume that blood and mess are covered in basic med school

  10. What do you mean “JUST To deliver” her baby? Isnt that tje whole reason she hired you?!? (I assumimg the OP wasn’t planning to freebirth). How about whe not pay you just for ignoring her wishes?

  11. I’m not giving birth in an Olympic sized swimming pool for crying out loud.

  12. The doctor also seems like s/he thinks that the water is all full of “blood and mess” BEFORE the baby is born. They have clearly never seen a water birth before.

  13. Saw the momma post this on FB and told her to post it here! Glad she did. There is so much misinformation about water birth. Someone I know was told that, under no circumstances, would be birth in the water in their facility because it was infectious and that it wasn’t like a spring with constant flowing water to clean the water.

    • Right, the water is so much more infectious than the air in a hospital, because there are no sick people coughing in the air…

      • Hmm…lets see…if you’re in a tub, you unplug the stopper. If you’re in a kiddie pool, like I had, you get a hose and drain it that way. Not exactly rocket science.

    • You know all about those sterile springs in the wild, right? You’re just walking along in the woods and suddenly there’s this spring, and it’s got no bacteria or plants growing in it, and the animals all know not to urinate within 500 feet of the water, and the fish in the stream are magical CleanFish, whose scales are used by native peoples instead of soap.

      • Oh goodness no, Jane…the unicorn purifies the spring with its horn!

        • I hear you all! I tried to encourage her (because she wanted a natural birth, was interested in water birth) and she ended up having a highly medically managed birth. I honestly just feel like it’s “more work” to doctors and nurses when the mother requests pain management in the tub so they make this crap up so mothers feel discouraged and scared out of doing it. I have NEVER ONCE heard of a mother getting an infection (nor her baby getting one) because the birth was in the water. It’s our own fluids and blood; not someone else’s stuff.

        • Hmm. The studies I read never mentioned the unicorns. Can you refer to a peer-reviewed journal article? ;-) ;-) ;-)

  14. At local hospital they have recently put in a nice tub for moms to labor in…until their water breaks. My doula client was told “oh no, you can’t get back in! Your feet and rectum will be in the water and the baby doesn’t have immunity against that!” It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. Where does this nurse think the baby will emerge from? Water or not the rectum will be close by! Ha

    • Lol, but it’s okay for them to shove their hands up a woman’s vagina after her waters break? Where is the logic to some of the rubbish the medical community spew? I labored and birthed in water and my linebacker came out fine.

    • Frankly I Would be concerned about two things. 1) that the woman picked up some nasty hospital germ from the nasty hospital floor while walking from the bed to the tub. I would want to clean my feet before stepping in. and 2) that the tub was not cleaned correctly since the last woman used it. I can just see the cleaning staff dumping a bucket of dirty mop water in and swishing it around and next thing you know somebody gets a lovely STI that the previous user had and was left behind either because the germ was resistant or the janitor didn’t get serious with the disinfectant. But of course the hospital can’t admit that possiblty to the patient so instead they blame it on mom’s feet and anus! There is usually a nugget of truth to these little myths. Of course the risk of infection doesn’t apply to birthing in your home tub since those are your germs.

  15. I thought of the same thing! Im not going back there ever again and already reported her.

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