Jan 242013

“I’m so sorry.” – Midwife to mother at her postpartum checkup after previously telling the mother she’d never be able to carry, much less birth, a baby over 8 lbs. The baby was 9 1/2 lbs at birth.

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  6 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “I’m So Sorry.””

  1. Thank you for acknowledging your mistake…maybe next time you’ll think twice before telling another mother something similar.

  2. It’s cool to admit your mistake. It shows that you’re smart enough to recognize your errors and learn from experience. Good for you, Midwife!

  3. Soooo… what is the evidence for this declaration because I’d love to know!

    • i started my pregnancy at 125 lbs. and 5 ft. 8 in. tall. she based her claim on my small frame and dancer body. she completely ignored the fact that i have cousins born at term who were well over 10 lbs. – no gd or any other complications in the mothers that would explain the large size. my mom’s family is slovak – they just have BIG babies. incidentally, my 2nd and 3rd babies were much smaller – #2 was 8 lbs. even, and #3 was 7 lbs., 7 oz.

  4. this was mine. my first baby was very large – 9 1/2 lbs. i’d expressed concern over his size while i was pregnant b/c women in my family have BIG babies. ,y midwife assured me i was too small to carry a baby over 8 lbs., and if i did, i’d never be able to “get it out on my own” (her words, not mine). when my son was born, i was in labor less than 5 hours – first baby! – and had no drugs at all. i birthed him w/out pain meds or assistance. the nurses joked that i had a toddler – they had to go to the peds unit to find a t-shirt and diapers to fit him. he came home from the hospital wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes. at my postpartum check-up, the midwife apologized and said she wouldn’t make such proclamations again.

  5. oh, and when i got pregnant w/ baby #2, they were very concerned w/ his size b/c of my first baby. they monitored me closely the entire time, doing a size ultrasound every 3 weeks in my last trimester. at 36 weeks, they said he was already over 9 lbs., and i should expect him to be over 11 lbs. if he was born on or after his due date (first baby came at 41w, 1d). they couldn’t believe that i just nodded and said ok. but i knew the measurements could be WAY off, plus when babies are that big, it’s usually b/c they’re fat. as long as his head wasn’t humongous, i’d be fine – fat squishes, after all. he ended coming at exactly 39 weeks and weight 8 lbs. (ok, 7 lbs., 15.4 oz., if you want to get technical).

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