Jan 182013

“What do you mean you want to check her? She consented to the section!” – L&D Nurse response to the OB who wanted to check my cervix before transporting me to the OR.  Mother actually was complete and baby was born in three pushes.

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 January 18, 2013  birth, Cervical exam, Cesarean, L&D Nurse, OB  Add comments

  21 Responses to ““What Do You Mean You Want To Check Her…””

  1. You would think this nurses goal was to section as many as possible!

  2. for some reason when I read this it’s the same town as Prissy in Gone With the Wind when she screams “Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nothing ’bout birthin’ no babies!”. Just a straight up incredulous tone.

    but yeah, sounds like the nurse is trying to meet a c/s quota.

  3. After the signing of the mystical consent form NOTHING ELSE IS POSSIBLE.

    • Once you sign a consent to section due to failure to progress, no more progress is possible because the paperwork arrests dilation and actually reverses it.

      This post makes me wonder how long had transpired between the decision to section, the signing of the paperwork, the doctor’s arrival at the hospital, and the cervical check. Hours?

      • And what kind of history did this L&D unit have with rushing to section, if the doctor knew to check dilation before surgery?

      • I’d actually like to find out if they charged her insurance for a section. They charged my insurance for a vaginal birth for our first one when we had a c-section too (they charged for both), because the room was prepped for birth.

  4. Thank God the OB checked

  5. Sounds like the baby could have been born in the hall on the way to the OR.

  6. Yay to the OB for checking…hope this nurse actually learned something and offered to check her patients after that, before wheeling them in to the OR for http://FTP...

  7. Wait a minute. I might be misreading the story, so correct me if I am.

    But is this saying that a nurse contradicted a doctor – and in front of a patient, no less? Isn’t that kind of career suicide there?!

    • Not necessarily. It depends on the unit, the particular doctor and nurse, and how vitriolic the contradiction is. Our unit is very team-based, so there is a lot of give and take of ideas. But there is always that one doctor, or that one nurse, for whom this would be a virtual thrown gauntlet.

  8. Yeah, God forbid we avoid an unnecessarean.

  9. She already signed the consent form? Then by all means! Give this woman major surgery and charge her a bunch of money to fix a “problem” which has already resolved itself!

  10. Actually, no consent form had been signed. I came in between 7-8 cm. I had been at the hospital under 2 hours. I had verbally asked for a section because my daughters heart rate had dropped and was not returning. This was after being monitored with an IMD for about 45 minutes. The OB had been called into the room once her heart rate dropped so he was present and watching what was going on. He actually questioned if I REALLY wanted the section (I was a VBA2C). They had just started to prep the OR and were prepping me. The nurses really made me angry. They were hitting my legs and screaming at me that I needed to push better WHILE the OB was telling me that I was pushing exactly like I needed to be. And to top it off, one of the nurses literally JUMPED onto my belly during my last push!

    • Please do file a complaint against the nursing staff, and cite your doctor as a witness to things like them slapping your legs and verbally accosting you. Especially mention that the nurse jumped onto the bed. Make it clear they created a hostile birthing environment and you want not just an apology but also an explanation. Ask specificially why the nurses thought their medical opinion should trump the doctor’s.

  11. PLEASE tell me you filed a formal complaint against gnite those nurses

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