Jan 172013

“You’ve had an almost completely textbook normal pregnancy. I see so many women who are just begging to get it over with, and you seem to just really enjoy being pregnant.” – OB to mother at 37 week prenatal.

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  7 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “…You Seem To Just Really Enjoy Being Pregnant.””

  1. LOVE this OB. Never once did I beg to get it over with. Enjoyed my pregnanies even at 41 weeks. Wish my births has been as easy! (No this isn’t mine.) I wish everyone enjoyed their pregnancies and that was considered normal rather than all the whining.

  2. I have gone right up to 42 weeks before without begging to get the baby out (well, I did have a serious discussion with that baby about how it was time to come out). I didn’t enjoy being “overdue” at all, but that didn’t mean I was whining about it either. It was just simply knowing what was best and sticking through it like a mother should.

  3. I really hate it when women want to have it over with… I just want to manage to get TO my due date… my first my water broke at 35 and my second at 37… not fun when you are worried if the baby is actually done enough to come out safely

    • I understand what you mean, but I’m one of those women to whom pregnancy is fantastic and wonderful- until I hit about 36-38 weeks. Then it’s absolute torture. I don’t know what changes at that point but it sucks and at that point I’m just READY. Even if I know the baby isn’t necessary ready, BOY HOWDY am I ready to be DONE being pregnant! I heard once that the last few weeks of pregnancy are super uncomfortable on purpose so that a woman’s fear of labor/birth would be overshadowed by her readiness to just have done. No idea how true that actually is lol.

  4. This one’s mine. I had issues with my blood pressure, and we had discussed inducing at 39 weeks because of it. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea,but since it was within ACOG recommendations and as long I could go home and start later if it wasn’t working I had planned to consent. I was on medication and had no other signs preeclampsia, and as my pregnancy progressed got lower and it was well controlled. At this appointment he told me he didn’t think there was any reason to induce early. Walking towards checkout, I admitted I was relieved to hear that because an induction scared me a little. He told me the above. I know this might could be taken as an insult to his other patients, but it as the compliment I think he meant it to be. Especially since I really did enjoy being pregnant and I never did see a lot of reason to beg to get things over with, though I think from just anecdotal experience that a lot of women do. I got impatient the last week after I hit 41 weeks and I knew I had a deadline to go into labor, but in a perfect world I think I’d be okay going to even 43 weeks.

  5. i got told i was ‘a little bit special’ (they didn’t mean it in a thoughtful thursday way though) for wanting to avoid induction approaching 42 weeks. i think women are done huge disfavours by the medical establishment during pregnancy. if you constantly tell someone they are miserable and suffering, it will probably seem that way. that’s not to diminish what women do go through, i know plenty of women have difficulties that are really hard to live with especially in those last few weeks, and i don’t blame anyone who wishes baby would decide to arrive already, – but i wonder how many women would feel a lot better if they were just viewed with respect and admiration instead of pity etc during pregnancy. you don’t say to someone towards the end of an endurance sports event, oh you poor thing, let me get you out of this! – you say, WOW YOU ARE AMAZING!

  6. I’m so jealous of the OP. I do not enjoy being pregnant. It’s worth it; I absolutley love being a mom. But I do not like being pregnant. That being said, I never want to be induced (I haven’t with the two I’ve already had. I don’t foresee any reason to this time around either). I don’t understand why women opt to have inductions. I’ve never begged my midwives for an induction. That just seems weird; it will happen. You just have to wait.

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