Jan 102013

“I’m glad you were able to have the kind of birth you wanted!” – OB to mother who ended up having a spontaneous labor and birth before she was induced.

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  2 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “I’m Glad You Were Able To Have The Kind Of Birth You Wanted!””

  1. This is mine. This OB was wonderful. He saw me through 2 ectopic pregnancies before I became pregnant with our second child. At 40 weeks, my BP was creeping up a little, and he suggested NST’s and scheduling an induction. I was very, very hesitant to induce due to the experience I had with my first child’s induced birth. Since my NST’s looked good, I cancelled the induction and scheduled a 41 week appointment….he wasn’t thrilled, but he supported my right to do it. Roughly 16 hours after I was supposed to have been induced, I went into labor on my own. My only regret is that the hospital I was supposed to give birth at (and the one this OB was on call at that evening) was slammed with laboring moms that night, and I was diverted to another hospital (where I had a less then stellar experience). I would have loved if the OB had been able to deliver my child. This quote was actually said to me over the phone, as he called me the next morning at the other hospital (the 2 hospitals were affiliated with one another and had shared medical records. I thought it was very kind of him to take time out of his day to call to congratulate me.

    • That’s fantastic, Meg! I’m so happy that you managed to find such a caring, respectful OB who was willing to work WITH you, rather than dictate what you will do, no exceptions. I wish all doctors and medical providers could learn to do that. I’ve had some BAD experiences outside of OBGYN, and I think I’ve found an OBGYN who is one of the good ones. I’m getting an IUD soon, and at the first appointment to rule out infections, she was genuinely interested in why I wanted one, and why I chose the one I did. She wanted to learn from me. And then she shared that she had the same kind (Mirena) and she loved it with the reasons why. I have a feeling she’s one like yours, and I hope that if I’m lucky enough to have a baby, and I’m still living here, that she will be my OB backup for a home birth. All the best to you and your little one!

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