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‘I bet you won’t make that mistake again!’ – L&D Nurse to mother who birthed without pain medication, as she had hoped she would.

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 January 7, 2013  birth, epidural, L&D Nurse  Add comments

  35 Responses to ““I Bet You Won’t Make That Mistake Again!””

  1. “The only mistake I made was assuming the hospital system valued my choices. And yeah, you’ve just made sure I won’t make that again.”

  2. Lol. I’m about to make that ‘mistake’ again any day now. My sister is such a screw-up that she made that mistake seven times. My grandma did it sixteen times. Why do we never learn?!

  3. Ironically, it was my first birth with a failed epidural (you actually have to have medicine in the line- imagine that!) that convinced me to intentionally do it next time :)

  4. Hah. Know what I did after a miserable med-free hospital birth? Had a wonderful med-free home birth. They just never hear about those because, you know, they don’t involve them.

  5. During my unmedicated birth I screamed and groaned through the last few contractions; but guess what – I also scream my head off and swear like a sailor when riding a roller coaster. Yes giving birth was painful and scary, but it was also exiting and exhilarating.

  6. I felt like a million bucks after my unmedicated hospital birth. One of my first thoughts after the birth was “I want to do that again” I did, but at home the next time.

  7. Not mine but this was said to me. My response? Why not? I did it this time and I ended up with a happy healthy alert baby that latched immediately so why wouldn’t I want that again? The nurse called me crazy and left the room

  8. What makes you think it was a mistake?
    Because it wasn’t your first choice?
    Don’t shove your opinions down my throat and I won’t shove mine down yours.

  9. 3 times here! No plans on the next one being anything but!

  10. 3 unmedicated births here!

  11. “I’m not seeing the mistake…”

  12. A mistake is misspelling your name on the intake form, NOT birthing how you WANT to birth.

    You keep using that word…

  13. My first 5 births I had successful epidurals. I always caved during transition. My sixth birth I declined everything but a heplock and let them monitor before, during and after one contraction each hour. My husband ended up catching baby because the nurse didn’t believe it was really time. (The story is on here somewhere.) We are thinking of having one more child and guess which birth we will be trying to replicate then?

  14. Yes. I’ll never make that mistake again. I’ll never use you as a doctor again.

  15. “Oh, you mean having a jackass for a nurse? You’re right, it won’t happen again! Now get the hell away from me and my baby.”

    Sorry, I’m feeling cranky tonight.

  16. The thought of getting pain medication scares me more than the thought of having my 3rd unmedicated birth in a couple of months so, which mistake?

    • @cat: Yeah, I should want to make my heart pound and my palms sweat while all systems should be busy bringing forth baby? I chose to go without meds. Three times. Was it a happy ride of flowers and bunnies? No. Did it traumatize me for life? Of course not. I had the support and comfort of my husband, our midwife, and her assistant while I did a hard, messy, painful job of work, and then I had a baby and an endorphin rush.

      I have known only one person who regretted not having pain meds in nonsurgical childbirth. She couldn’t. She fell down and broke her tailbone late in pregnancy, which apparently made getting an epi impossible, and the hospital did not offer gas and air.

      • I do know someone who had (by choice) a med free birth with her first baby and then chose epidurals for her next two. She had a posterior baby with her first and horrific back labor and, I suspect, not very good labor support. She was in so much pain that she ended up traumatized from it. When she had her next birth, she said no way, she is getting an epidural. Also got another epi for her third. What bothered me about her is she kept advising all her first time pregnant friends to just get an epidural the moment they walk in the hospital. She even suggested I should just have one, even though at the time I had already had a med free birth and was planning for a second.

    • I’m with you! Needle in the spine? No thank you.

      Disclaimer: I did do it once, which shows you how much jump-into-the-middle Pitocin contractions from an induction suck. And I ended up with a c-section, which sucked a lot more than just the needle in my spine. But the idea of doing that again definitely motivated me toward my NUVBAC!

  17. I had one with an epidural, three without. Hands down the epidural-free births were MUCH better in terms of recovery and just about everything. They were all very short labors so VERY intense, but wonderful.

    My epidural birth (which I got because I thought that was my last child and I wanted to experience an epidural birth if for nothing else just to compare) was just fine, don’t get me wrong. It was actually the fastest of all births (3cm to baby in 90 minutes) and I laughed her out, but I felt like it took me MUCH longer to recover and was much more of a hassle.

    I *thought* I needed an epidural with number four but it turned out I was transitioning at 5cm so I still ended up med-free. Got the needle in the back but no meds haha. I joke that I got stabbed in the back for nothing. Yes I did request that one but like I said I was at 5cm, agonizing contractions, and didn’t for a moment think I could be in transition at that point! 20 minutes later she was born, lol.

    I am definitely a fan of no epi! I don’t knock those who choose it for themselves (although I always encourage them to give it a go med-free if possible) but for me? I like being able to bounce back afterwards sooo much better.

  18. Hah. Yeah I’ve had three. Two unassisted so therefore unable to have their drugs. And very, very happy about it! If you are dead set wanting drugs and scared to death (besides feeling bad for you) I can ser why you may wish for them next time. Otherwise, wtf?!

  19. i honestly believe that a lot of the hype about how unbearable childbirth is, comes from people who see disempowered women on their backs having birth happen / done to them, with all the medical paraphernalia and probably induction drugs to boot. actively giving birth (ie without immobilising pain meds) is not awful or traumatic. it’s hard, but it’s great. and you are less likely to sustain injuries. it’s definitely not a mistake if it’s what you choose.

  20. This one is also mine, :)

    When I had my son in 2011 I was 20 years old. I delivered an 8lb 3oz baby vaginally, with an induction, without an epidural. Afterwards, while,I was obviously trying to rest, I had nurses barging into my room all afternoon to demand to know if someone ‘my age’ had REALLY given birth without an epidural. They were in shock. They asked things like if it was an accident? Did I regret it? One nurse even had the guts to say to me ‘I bet you won’t make that mistake again!’ Referring to me not getting an epidural. I politely informed her that it wasn’t a mistake and I was proud of myself for enduring the induction without the epidural. She couldn’t believe it. Not someone ‘my age’!!

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