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“You have the perfect breasts for breastfeeding!” – Midwife to mother at two day postpartum checkup.

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  13 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “You Have The Perfect Breasts For Breastfeeding!””

  1. I’m glad the OP found this comforting/reassuring/whathaveyou, and it’s definitely better than the opposite comments that have been posted previously. However, as others have said on those posts, breast size, nipple shape, etc. have no bearing on the ability to produce milk… So how would she know?

    • My thoughts were, “So they look like breasts then?” But your response was more thought out than mine.

    • I had the same thought, but I’d love it if the OP came by. It would be great if it went something like this…

      “I’m worried my breasts are too big/small/whatever to breastfeed successfully.”

      “Your milk is in and your baby is doing wonderfully! You have the perfect breasts for breastfeeding!”

      Or something like that.

  2. As long as you have breasts with functioning mammary glands they are perfect for lactating. This gets a thumbs down because it is misleading and not useful.

  3. Mr Dr says this every time I go in. It’s kind of awkward for me but I think she remembers how much of a struggle it was for me at first.
    Last time my son went in for his 2 yr check up he asked to nurse while we were in office so I did and she patted his shoulder and said “Your Mommy has lovely breasts for nursing doesn’t she?”

    It just feels weird even though she’s awesome otherwise

  4. I would feel really awkward and kind of creeped out if this was said to me. Especially given that, with my first baby, I thought my giant boobs were an obvious candidate for “Breastfeeding Champs”, and as it turned out- not so much.
    Seriously, I have to wonder what the Dr meant by that.

  5. I would rather see this than negativity. Yay for encouragement. I hope they say it to every mom.

    • That’s what I was thinking– if they say it to every mom then it’s generally going to be true, and it sounds pretty encouraging to me.

      I’d be creeped out if there was more detail in the comment, or if she got descriptive, but this quote as presented wouldn’t bother me at all.

  6. This was mine. I was worried that my boobs were TOO big (I was an A cup pre-pregnancy, and once my baby was born, I was an E cup), and that my tiny baby would have trouble breastfeeding. My midwife was very reassuring, and SO helpful when we did have breastfeeding problems down the line (for entirely different reasons). She was determined to find a solution so that I could breastfeed my daughter for as long as possible, and it’s still going great at 22 months!

  7. I’m not the OP, but a nurse said this to me while I was struggling to breastfeed my first daughter. I found it encouraging, and when I asked what she meant (because I am a naturally curious person), she said, “Well, they’re breasts. That’s what nature intendes them for.” It made me so happy I cried (of course I had delivered a baby a few hours before, so the crying may have been caused by hormones. :))

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