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“So, how do you think we did?” OB to doula after a birth.

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 January 3, 2013  birth, Doula, OB, Thoughtful Thursdays  Add comments

  5 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “So, How Do You Think We Did?””

  1. Asking for . . . feedback?

    Asking for feedback!

    From a doula, no less!

    It’s like this OB wants to improve his/her skills or something!

    If this OB regularly asks for feedback from independent associates like doulas, then if he/she is not a great OB now, it will soon come to pass.

  2. Not only asking for feedback, but using the word “we” implies that actual teamwork was used, which is completely awesome.

  3. This one is mine. I was the doula at this birth and as I was leaving I ran into the OB in the hallway and he asked me this. He also said the “We like to let nature take its course” quote from today. It was very nice to not only have him ask my opinion but to hear him being positive about letting things unfold naturally. The staff were all very supportive and the mom was very happy with her experience.

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