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“He’s got a fever for no reason.” – Nurse Practitioner to a father of a toddler running a 102F fever.

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  22 Responses to ““He’s Got A Fever For No Reason.””

  1. Wow. I didn’t know fevers for no reason existed, especially ones that high.

    Time for a new pediatrician!

  2. Yeah, sometimes when I’m bored and I have nothing to do, I’ll run a fever. Sometimes I’ll take it up as high as 105, just for fun. Doesn’t everyone?

    Oh, and OP, I hope you collected your medical records on the way out the door.

  3. Fever of Unknown Origin is not the same as “fever for no reason.”

  4. “unfortunately children can run fevers for many reasons. it could be a slight virus, it could be teething fever, it could be many many things. I would give it a few days to see if the problem resolves itself, unless the fever doesn’t go down with tylenol or motrin or if the fever goes up the above 102.5.” same thing but much nicer doc

    • Isn’t it funny how the general public seems to be much better at finding kind ways to explain things than some medical professionals? I thank my lucky stars again that I have had good experiences with my doctors.

  5. Yes, because 102-degree fevers often just happen to happen. Like the hiccups. Have your child hold his breath for as long as he can, and see if that brings the fever down.

    • Actually they can, I had a sib who ran fevers like that when we were younger. He would be fine one moment, and then shoot up to 105 in the blink of an eye. On one occasion he went into convulsions and blood poured out of his nose during an episode of fever. No one ever figured out the cause and it just stopped happening when he grew up. The nurse should have said the child had an idiopathic fever, not no reason, but still not all fevers will have a known cause.

      • Not knowing the cause doesn’t equal no reason, it’s just not knowing it

      • Really? That’s nuts! Learn something new every day.

      • I had fevers like that when I was in high school. I was in the hospital so often that the other kids said I had Aids, some of the teachers even said they thought so too. (Aids was the big thing of the moment that people were scared of.) I was tested for a lot of things and spent a lot of time under observation, but I always got better almost immediately when I was in the hospital. No matter how long I stayed in the hospital a fever never returned while I was there. Doctors were baffled, said I was on drugs and depressed, under too much stress. They abruptly stopped when I moved out at 19 and never came back. Now I know that I was having an allergic reaction mold. The house we moved into had standing water under it and a lot of black mold in the walls and heating ducts. No one ever thought to check our house for toxins. I have to wonder if your brother’s problem might have been environmental too since it stopped when he grew up. I am glad he’s better now, it is a scary thing when you’re going through it.

      • Goldilocks, my brother had febrile seizures, pretty much like this, except without the blood. My son does the same thing. It is fairly common to run in a family, so watch out for your kids.

        When my kids have a fever, any of them, I give my son a small dose of Tylenol and let him rest more so he won’t spike. And at every doctor visit, post-seizure, the docs say the same thing…

        “I’m sorry, we don’t know what caused his fever. He does not have [insert list of things they tested for], but we are not sure what is causing the fever. [insert general reassurances regarding the nature of febrile seizures]. [insert future care instructions for the next time he has one].”

    • They are usually pretty mild, but my sons (and me) run slight fevers when they get overly tired. I tend to overlook fevers in the 100-101 range if I know they are tired, but anything higher than that is a red flag to me.

  6. then why did you tell me to bring him in?

  7. This was mine. My son is 22 months old and has only been sick one other time since he was born.
    He started getting a fever four days before Christmas. It was low, only 100-101F, and I gave him Tylenol or Motrin. He had no other symptoms, and the fever would go away with the medicine, so I thought maybe he was teething or he had a little bug. I had taken him to church and let him play with the other kids his age, which he does very rarely.

    Flash forward to ten days later, the 30th of December, and his fever is getting higher and higher after the medication wears off. Instead of it being 100-101F, it’s 102-103.8F or higher. The side of his head that is up against his mattress when he sleeps is 105F. And he has a runny nose, major congestion, a cough, fatigue, lethargy, and NO appetite. I have to work, and the 31st is a semi-holiday so the doctor’s office closes early. I told my husband to take my son in as soon he could call and get an appointment.

    The NP who saw my son said that he had a virus, and sometimes they last “a while” but there was no reason for him to have a fever, as he didn’t have the flu or RSV. But she gave also him antibiotics anyways for a COMPLETELY NONEXISTENT EAR INFECTION.

    Then my son’s fever gets WORSE after the antibiotics. It’s up to 104.4F every 3am when the Motrin wears off, like clockwork. I took him to the Emergeny Room this morning when his under-arm temp was 103.9F. They examine him, take a chest X-Ray and discover that he in fact, does not have the flu, RSV, or pneumonia, or even the ear infection the NP had given antibiotics for. He does have a very BAD respiratory virus, probably because he doesn’t go to nursery, daycare, or play groups and his immune system has yet to face any real trials, and he was around over 30 relatives he rarely sees over the holiays.

    As of the posting of this message, my son’s fever has FINALLY broke after running a temperature for nearly two full weeks. He’s lost 1.5lbs due to his lack of appetite, and has developed horrific diarrhea from the antibiotics. The antibiotics he must now continue to take otherwise he will “develop a resistance to the medication.”

    I’d REALLY love to force the nurse who gave him the medicine to come to my house and clean the poop off my carpet after my son has a ‘blow out’ diaper. She can also buy the expensive yogurt and probiotic tablets they told me to get him to try and re-balance his digestive tract. And deal with a 22 month old who id doubled over with bowel pain. I called the pediatrician today and they refused to switch his antibiotic to something else.

    This is the pediatrician’s office *I* went to as a child. I REALLY think I’m finding a new one after this. Because this is also the office that told me to “Just stop feeding” my son at night to teach him to sleep for 8-10 hours when he was six months old.

    • Just stop feeding him to get him to sleep 8-10 hours? Because that can’t possibly lead to FTT or other problems. I don’t think my 20mo sleeps that long. She still likes a little middle of the night bobby.

      • Actually, he was only 6 months when they told me to stop feeding him at night. He was waking every 1.5-3 hours for more milk.

        • Exactly. If my 20mo still doesn’t sleep that many hours at a stretch, and definitely not without her midnight booby, a 6mo sure can’t be expected to go that long.

    • I’m so sorry for what your son & family is going through due to this nurse’s intractability!
      Could you check with a pharmacist to find out if indeed he continue taking the antibiotic? Typically it’s not the patient who will develop resistance to the med but rather the bacteria.

    • ((hugs)) what an ordeal!! I would definitely be looking for a new ped–and calling in to complain about that nurse.

      In the future, if the fever is as low as 100-101, even up to 102 if he’s acting mostly okay, I wouldn’t medicate just for that. Fevers are the body’s way of trying to deal with and fight an infection, and squelching it can make the body struggle more with fighting off the bug :) Unless it’s frighteningly high, or interfering with sleep, it’s better to just let them run their course. :)

    • I am so sorry, it is awful that you and your little one are going through that. If you are having trouble keeping him hydrated you can ask about pedialyte, I used to drink that after I had high fevers as a kid and it did help. I would also feel a lot better after some IV fluids (I was like a different kid after a couple of bags, and it was something my doc could do in his office). Since you’ve already been to the ER you might try calling the doc you saw there to see if s/he can do anything about the antibiotics and diarrhea, I am sure they will understand when you don’t want to follow up with the same practice that caused the problem.

    • Oy, what a horrible experience. You might be able to stop the antibiotics early if there’s no bacterial infection for them to be fighting, ask the pharmacist. My daughter lost a pound or two after a few days’ virus a few months ago, and she put the weight back on really quickly, if that’s any consolation. After she’d been better for about a week, suddenly her appetite got huge, and I could practically see her cheeks filling back out.

    • I’m so sorry, what a nasty turn of events! You might try some fresh pineapple to settle your kid’s stomach. I am very sickly and was frequently on antibiotics as a kid and it messed horribly with my digestion. Yogurt is great, but I always craved fresh pineapple and it was so soothing to my system even as a very young kid. Not much (it will burn your mouth if you eat too much) but a bit.
      Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck and hope your kid gets better soon!

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