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Midwife:  “Would you like to be checked?”

Mother:  “I would rather not.”

Midwife:  “Good, that’s the right answer.”

Conversation at 36 week appointment.

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 December 31, 2012  Cervical exam, Midwife, prenatal  Add comments

  11 Responses to “Holiday Sweets! “…That’s The Right Answer.””

  1. Where is this midwife and how can I hire her for my next pregnancy?

  2. LOVE the fact that she gave Mom the choice and then was respectful of her decision!

  3. Sounds kinds like my midwife. Asked today at my 30 week appointment if they believed in routine cervical exams and they said they really only do them on request :)

  4. Hmmm… I’m pretty sure whichever Mom wanted is the right answer ;)

    • Why would a pelvic exam/cervical check be needed in a low-risk, complication-free pregnancy?
      Doesn’t sticking things in there raise the risk of infection and/or early labor, as well as giving a naughty OB the change to do something against your wishes?

      (Actually asking, not trying to be snarky.)

      • She didn’t say it was a great choice to do it… she said it was *mom’s* choice to make. If the midwife told her that it wasn’t truely needed and did carry some risk but mom still wanted to do it… then that would be the right answer for her.

      • I can give you my personal experience, if you like. I asked for a cervical check during my 36 week checkup, and my midwife refused. I’d been feeling like something was “wrong” and needed some reassurance that everything was ok. Come to find out at my 38 week checkup, there really was something wrong (footling breach, polyhydramnios, 3 cm dilation, and daughter born by section that day, later diagnosed with a serious birth defect)!

        Now, I don’t know if checking me at 36 weeks would have told us anything at all, but it would have reassured me somewhat, or given me a “head’s up!” instead of being blindsided a couple weeks later.

        • Yup, this is exactly the type of situation I was referring to. I requested a c/e at my 36-week because I was feeling “different” from usual; my OB checked and said I was at 3 cm and his head was way low. Sure enough, he was born 2 days later. I don’t know whether dilation or station had much or anything to do with it, but it put me at ease knowing that what I was feeling was due to things moving along rather than because something was wrong.

    • I’m with you. Actually, if this had happened to me I would’ve kind of been thinking, uh, would I have gotten myself onto some kind of undesirable list if I had accepted?

      I liked the fact that during my last pregnancy my provider always asked if I’d like to be checked and didn’t comment one way or another whether I said yes or no.

  5. This was the only appointment with my midwives I was asked to be checked. I think she only asked at this appointment since I was getting the group b strep test.
    Having read so much on here before about overbearing medical professionals I was relieved when said I didn’t want to get checked & that was okay with her too.
    I loved my midwives!

  6. I have a history of premature labor so I would want to be checked. I know that it doesn’t usually predict anything for most people but once I am 1-2cm within a week I have a baby. But since the op seems like she is not having contractions at 35-36 weeks this is a good quote.

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