Dec 312012

“That’s great, that will really help your baby move down.” – Midwife to mother who was squatting during labor.

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 December 31, 2012  labor, Midwife, Thoughtful Thursdays  Add comments

  2 Responses to “Holiday Sweets! “That’s Great, That Will Really Help Your Baby Move Down.””

  1. d/~ It’s gravity! When the feelin’ comes and you gotta squat/It’s gravity! When you give that OB you-know-what/For tryin’ to say/You gotta push uphill/No way, man, no way! d/~

    Sorry, sorry, couldn’t resist.

    But seriously, if the point is to get the baby through the potentially dangerous birth process with minimal sequelae, then squatting, lunging, sitting on birth balls (love birth balls birth balls are love seriously doc put an uncomfortable woman on a birth ball and watch her stress level drop like a rock), etc., should be SOP. Gravity works.

  2. Lol, my nurses looked at me like I was a circus freak for using a birth ball.

    Next time, home birth.

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