Dec 312012

“Hmm, let’s have you come in today and see what’s going on.  You’re not allowed to be doing that yet!  Come in and we’ll make sure you and baby are still doing great!” – Midwife to mother contracting at 34 weeks.

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  3 Responses to “Holiday Sweets! “Come In & We’ll Make Sure You & Baby Are Still Doing Great!””

  1. It’s so great to hear about a care provider that actually listens to a woman’s concerns rather than just dismissing them out of hand! OP, I hope you were able to stop the contractions and let baby cook a little while longer!

  2. Honestly, I am happy to see an ‘allowed’ that is benefiting the mom, and in a tone that seems to be humor to ease the OPand it not be rude. This is an absolutely perfect example of the right way to use humor to ease tension.

    On another note… OP, I hope everything was still going great <3

  3. I love that the midwife said “make sure you and your baby are *still* doing great”.
    Focusing on the positive and staying positive while still being responsibly prepared for less than ideal scenarios – that’s the way to approach birth. (As opposed to the ohmygawd we’reallgonnaDIE! of some practitioners.)
    OP, I hope you and baby were still doing great!
    I had a baby and 34+6. She’s doing fantastic.

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