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“There are too many people in the world.” – OB to mother during an appointment to confirm a pregnancy.  The family already had 8 children.  Everyone was present at the appointment.

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  31 Responses to ““There Are Too Many People In The World.””

  1. True, but there is NO good reason to say it under these circumstances, and a million reasons NOT to, under these circumstances.

  2. “Yeah, well, I’m a little tired of the 8- and 6-year-olds squabbling, so you can take ‘em out back and shoot ‘em.”

    Geez, what a classless doctor! I really don’t think a pre-natal visit is the right place to push a ZPG agenda, but to do it in front of the kids? When you are basically saying, “These children” (or at least 6 of them) “shouldn’t exist”? Incredible.

    • I’m always tempted to ask which ones I should place up for adoption (or aborted, if I’m feeling especially snarky) when someone rudely comments about my family size.

      Obviously the parents chose to have a large family. The OB isn’t raising them, it’s none of his business how many kids they have now or later.

  3. “Are you volunteering to pilot the rocket to another one?”

    “Is this your opinion as a medical specialist?”

    “How lovely that you have an opinion! I’m so glad we live in a country where everyone is entitled to have an opinion and to speak about it. It’s very refreshing. So, do you have any recommendations on nutrition during pregnancy?”

  4. I am hoping that my children can balance out ignorant hateful people like you and keep this world from becoming a heartless void. Based on this statement I may need to have at least 5 more. But not with you as the provider of course. I would be a fool to trust my childs life in your hands since you don’t have a soul. Douchewaffle.

  5. When my aunt went in with her 9th pregnancy the doctor was VERY happy for her, it was also one of her easiest births! This comment makes me sick!

  6. “We’re not trying to overpopulate the earth – just outnumber the idiots. Looks like we have a ways to go.”

  7. “Actually, overpopulation is much less of a problem than the maldistribution of the earth’s resources. Overpaid ‘professionals’ certainly take up far more than their share, don’t you think?”

  8. Then why are you an OB? It seems like you’d be more suited to a funeral director. Except that you need compassion to do that. How about grave digger? You wouldn’t need to interact with people at all.

    • Seriously! Isn’t it an OB’s job to bring people into this world? That would be like owning and operating a wine vineyard if you were morally opposed to alcohol. Hypocrit!

  9. Well, I can definitely think of one too many at the moment.

  10. Unless this sentence is followed by “who aren’t as comfortable raising a large family as well as you do” someone needs smacked

  11. Is it bad that I was just relieved that this wasn’t said to a mom that was miscarrying? Because that was my first thought when I saw the post.

    • I thought the same thing! Thank goodness we were wrong. This was bad on it’s own, in front of the kids, but could have been much worse.

      So far I haven’t had anyone tell me that I have too many children. At least not in so many words. I did have an older lady smile at me today and tell me, “Bless you my dear,” as I walked behind my husband and 5 children on the way into a restaurant. I think she was sincere! I would like to believe that, anyway.

    • I’m with the both of you. It was my first thought as well and I gave a sigh of relief when I realized I was wrong!

  12. You mean there are already too many rude people in the world. Rude people like you, Doc.

    • That’s a good response. My Kristin, on the way to becoming a doctor herself, was my ninth baby, so I took this one very personally!

      • My mom has five, my aunt has seven. They got SERIOUSLY weird and rude looks and comments when they went shopping with all of us. It didn’t help that my aunt lives in a VERY tiny town and we visited twice a year. So they both got the look of “Oh, you two. Stop being so prolific and close your legs already.”

        Now I’M getting the looks and comments of “When are you having MORE kids?” I have one right now, my sister has two, and she gets asked this as well. Apparently only people with more than three kids are subject to the “the world has too many people” or “overpopulation” comments.

        I have a new term for it: Selective Rudeness.

  13. Yeah, but it’s still illegal to kill idiots, so I have to keep making intelligent, compassionate kids to keep the balance.

  14. How rude of the OB. What business is it of theirs?

  15. Well, perhaps your mother should have realized that before giving birth to you, Dr. Prick.

  16. And here that doctor is, making a living bringing more into the world!
    … What an idiot. I’m sure there’s still a remote island somewhere to relocate to (for everyone’s benefit!).

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