Dec 252012

“This is going super fast. You’re doing a great job. Just listen to your body and let me know when you want to start pushing again.” – Family Practice doctor to mother who was having a precipitous birth.

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  2 Responses to “Holiday Sweets! “…Just Listen To Your Body…””

  1. My doctor was speaking to me over the nurse, who v was telling me to hush and breathe ” hee hee hooo”.

    I don’t know if he kne0w she was annoying me or not, but this gave me the confidence to keep doing what was working and it made her shut up. Baby was born about 3 minutes later.

    • That is awesome.I don’t understand why nurses feel the need to tell women to breath like that. I wish I had been confident enough at my last birth to tell the nurse to do that breathing herself if she really felt that it needed to be done.

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