Dec 242012

“I attended a water birth yesterday, it was magical. Textbook water birth, and the mother was glowing and so ecstatic.” – OB to mother who shared she was hoping to birth in the water.

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  3 Responses to “Holiday Sweets!”

  1. Yay!!!

    Also, I am super envious of whoever got to have this OB for their birth…

  2. I want to know which textbook even has water births in it. Make sure that one is on the required reading list, please. And clone this OB. Sign me up on the jealous list too.

    • I think it is covered in a midwife manual. I think there needs to be about 300 clones made of this doctor, enough so every state gets about 6 each, give or take, depending on population. I am a bit jealous,too, even though the OB I ended up having for my last birth was pretty sweet. I wanted a water birth, but the hospital I delivered in didn’t have tubs. Well, they might have, but I never even made it to an L&D room, baby was born in triage.

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