Dec 242012

“Don’t worry about it. Think about it- it is sterile, isn’t it? We’ll suction her when she comes out and she will be fine!” – OB Resident to laboring mother who was concerned that there was meconium in the amniotic fluid.

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 December 24, 2012  Meconium, OB, Thoughtful Thursdays  Add comments

  6 Responses to “Holiday Sweets! “Don’t Worry About It…””

  1. I read this and thought… what’s wrong with this? Lol, duh! ‘Holiday Sweets’ lol

  2. Well, I’m glad this birth went good despite meconium and I’m glad the mom found this helpful…but, while meconium is usually benign, it’s also something that does bare watching. Sometimes just ‘suction’ing her isn’t going to do it. It would have been much nicer, I think, if the OB had the honesty to warn mom of possible complications while still being reassuring. As a mom with a NICU baby due to mec asp, it’s not something you want to be blindsided by. What if this baby *did* have meconium asperation syndrom which led to problems, then this would have been a horrid thing to say, it’s just luck of the draw that this was ‘good’ and not ‘bad’.

  3. This was mine. The resident was easing my fears because I was a VBAC and I had many things pop up which they all took care of and didn’t freak out over. She said at the moment it was nothing to rush me to the OR for and in utero it is sterile because I was convinced every issue that popped up was sending me for a RCS. They were trying to follow my birth plan and stop me from crying hysterically. They told me NICU team would be in and for the moment she was FINE and it would be taken care of if and when we came to it. They did NOTHING wrong.

    • Very sweet. It seems like she told you it was nothing to worry about only after examining baby. Congratulations on your VBAC and a respectful caring staff.

  4. Worrying about a situation that you cannot change does not help the situation. So good on the nurse for being comforting.

  5. I am also the mom of a mec aspiration baby, and no, it’s not always “nothing to worry about”….my baby almost died really and truly, apgar of 1.

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