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“Sometimes big babies don’t like to breathe.” – OB explaining why a larger newborn had such low apgars and a rough start transitioning after birth.

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 December 23, 2012  Big Baby, newborn, OB  Add comments

  11 Responses to ““…Big Babies Don’t Like To Breathe.””

  1. I hope this was said as a brush-off while the OB was actually in the act of resuscitating the baby, and the OB needed to concentrate, and not as an official explanation afterward while everything was calm and the mother was asking for a debriefing. :-b

    What my midwife said? “Sometimes being born very quickly is a shock to the baby, and it takes a few moments for them to get going, so they need help.”

  2. I’m guessing (without the pink) that this doctor freaks out every time a baby is estimated over 6.5 pounds, then uses every intervention possible to “help the baby out,” then when baby doesn’t respond well he assumes it’s because bigger babies “don’t like to breathe.”

  3. I thought everyone enjoyed breathing and babies sometimes need a little encouragement,especially if born early from being induced bc the doc is worried about size. Having never been to medical school I guess I’m a moron though.

  4. I wonder if this is a self-fulfilling prophecy for this doc because he sections every mom with large babies for (pretend)CPD. And we all know that studies show that sectioned babies often have a harder time transitioning than vaginal babies.

  5. Wow, is the fat shaming beginning already?? A few minutes old and it begins.

  6. It would have been hard for me to resist the urge to snap back, “And yet here you are, breathing just fine- all by yourself”!

  7. Funny, cuz’ I’m a REALLY BIG BABY and I breath just fine! Don’t YOU doc?

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