Dec 222012

“You haven’t had the baby yet? Don’t worry. When the OB checks you, it will accelerate the process.” – OB Nurse at OB office at the 39 week prenatal appointment.

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 December 22, 2012  Cervical exam, Due Date, OB, prenatal  Add comments

  15 Responses to ““…When The OB Checks You, It Will Accelerate The Process.””

  1. Only if they do a membrane sweep without permission.

  2. You means “strips the membranes” or does some other invasive non-consensual procedure.

  3. “Would you care to explain how exactly that happens? No, really. I’m interested. In fact, if you’d like to print out some studies, that’d be even better. I’ll wait.”

  4. Someone is going to have to explain to me why so many people in the medical community are shocked when women don’t have babies before they’re due. What is the point of the wheel and the charts and the dates if you’re not using them?

  5. Either this nurse is a clueless idiot or she knows exactly what’s going on and she’s a (insert here, idk what to call her) who is ok with covering up for a doctor who is clearly violating patients right to informed consent.

  6. “i do not consent to a membrane stripping, atom, or a vaginal exam at all.”

  7. Informed decision making: this ain’t it.

  8. So she thinks that increased likelihood of prematurity, stalled labor, and infection are features, not bugs? This sounds like a classic case of what Temple Grandin calls “bad becoming normal.”

    • Good point! Because if that’s all you see, then you develop the mindset that these are inherent dangers of birth, and therefore the faster you get it over with, the better.

    • Also, note the “accelerate” the process rather than “jump-start” the process. The nurse has normalized stripping the membranes as an enhancement or an added-value service, rather than as an induction technique to begin a process that hasn’t already begun.

  9. Then the OB won’t be checking me. Thanks anyway!

  10. IT’S A TRAP!!!

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