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“There are no pain medications that are unsafe for breastfeeding” – OB to pregnant mother when discussing pain medication options if she had a cesarean.

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 December 21, 2012  breastfeeding, informed consent, OB  Add comments

  13 Responses to “” There Are No Pain Medications That Are Unsafe For Breastfeeding.””

  1. ?!?!!!????!!!!!!!

    Um…run? Run fast?

  2. You can’t win with these people! Either there are no safe medications or they’re all safe.

    • Most likely they are all safe until you’ve had the cesarean and pain medication is already prescribed, then none of them are safe and you should just give the baby formula.

      • Doctor on his first day on the L&D unit: Well, I just did my first cesarean section.

        Nurse: We’ll go bring her something for pain.

        Doctor: She’s breastfeeding. Nothing is safe for her.

        Nurse: No, don’t be silly. All the medications we routinely offer on the L&D unit are breastfeeding-safe.

        Doctor, walking away, thinking: {Oh, so all pain medications are safe. Who knew?}

  3. Is this ob trying to kill your baby?

  4. Liar! Liar! LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “the majority of pain medications typically prescribed following a cesarean are safe for nursing, particularly for the short time you will need them. If it turns out you need something stronger, we will try to find the safest medication possible.”
    Fixed that for you.

  6. Doctors + Medication = Made up stuff.

    I no longer us an OB who insisted the anti-depressant he was prescribing for me was “safe” in pregnancy. I was MORE upset he didn’t just refer me to a psychologist to just talk things out, since I was just going through a minor rough patch. The OB just asked if there was anything I needed and I simply said “I’ve been depressed because . . .{cut off}” he proceeds to cut me off and tell me “Ok, well I’ll give you a prescription for . . . .”

    I looked at my husband dumbfounded for a moment and then I questioned whether it was a safe drug or not. He said “Yeah sure.” I again questioned it, and they halfheartedly looked it up and I don’t think they even got the right info, but just pushed it and said it was safe.

    I went home . . . googled . . . never filled the script. After reading the baby would have to DETOX when it was born from taking it, and how it could increase depression first and so many other complications . . . my minor rough patch seemed safer than the drug!

    A couple years later MANY anti-depressants were under a class action lawsuit for having been given during pregnancy. The one I was give a Rx for was on the list too. (I don’t remember which one, it was over 5 years ago and 2 kids ago)

    I’ll do my own research online before filling a random Rx from a script happy doctor. I just can’t get behind a doctor who finds it easier to write a prescription out than it is to just LISTEN! :(

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