Dec 202012

“You obviously know what works for you, so you shouldn’t have any problems.” – Midwife at 6-week postpartum appointment to mother who stated she planned to use the Fertility Awareness Method for birth control.

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  4 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “You Obviously Know What Works For You…””

  1. This is mine. I love my midwives! The OB at the office was great, too. They have a freestanding birth center (one of only two in the state, and it just passed accredidation this week!) and also do hospital births. My name should link to their website if anyone is interested. They’ve even got a birth story or two posted.

    She asked me if I’d thought about birth control, I replied that I planned to use FAM, she said the above quotation, and the subject was not mentioned again.

  2. I love to have evidence that there really are good women’s healthcare proffessionals out there!
    I love my OB as well. I’m not interested in hormonal birth control so at the 6 week postpartum appt when they ask what my plans are, I say “condoms” and then they have never pushed anything else on me. And the other day as I was waiting for the bathroom at the office, I was looking at their huge wall-o-info-brochures. I was very pleased to find one there about Natural Family Planning!

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