Dec 162012

“Well, I don’t know how you’ve gotten to the size you are if you don’t like sugar?” – Midwife to mother who wanted to avoid the glucose drink for gestational diabetes testing and offered to track her blood sugar with finger prick testing instead.  Very sugary foods typically caused her to not feel well for days.

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  15 Responses to ““Well, I Don’t Know How You’ve Gotten To The Size You Are If You Don’t Like Sugar?””

  1. I heard a similar comment. Turned out I have PCOS and losing weight is very difficult even though I DO eat healthy.

    • Exact same situation for me- PCOS is a bugger! And in fact, I actually worked with my regular doctor for about a year on my weight because it turned out that I am such a light eater (and vegetarian, to boot) that I actually had to re-kick start my metabolism. I am so sick of all these crass comments people make about how if someone struggles with their weight, it’s because they sit around, shoveling sugar into their mouths and never exercising. What is wrong with people?!

  2. She wouldn’t be asking this question if she saw the lamb roast going into my oven this evening . . .

  3. That a professional opinion?

  4. Well, I don’t know how you stay in business if you don’t treat your patients with respect.

  5. Translation:
    “You’re fat but you don’t eat candy and cake!?How the heck did that happen?”

    Thanks Midwife, for your tact and wit.

  6. Heard this since I was 9yrs old. Turns out that I have hypothyroidism. Lovely midwife, btw.

  7. ‘Cause of course sugar is the only thing that has calories, and if you just ate loads of carbs and fat, you’d never gain a pound.

    Also, I love sweets and chocolate normally, but they just make me feel ill when I’m pregnant.

  8. Um…b****. *walking out*

  9. 1. Thyroid problems
    2. PCOS
    3. Physical disability making exercise difficult
    4. Liking fattening foods that ARENT sugary (mmmm… bacon…)
    5. Injury that made usual lifestyle difficult/impossible temporarily

    That’s just off the top of my head. And you’d think a healthcare professional could think of a dozen more ways for a person to have gained weight without eating a ton of sugar.

    • 6. Former athlete, started new career, hasn’t adjusted eating pattern yet
      7. Depression, attempting to self medicate with mood-lifting foods
      8. Abdominal tumor (yes this has happened!)
      9. Got pregnant and swolled up (check her tissue resilience you nitwit)
      10. Is naturally a plushy fat person and will always be naturally a plushy fat person so keep your disgusting neurosis to yourself, what, do you think the baby’s going to come out of her thighbone or something you’re so obsessed with her fat padding?
      11. Has big muscles, so medical professionals keep flipping out over the number on the scale even though she is at the minimum body fat percentage considered healthy (has also happened)
      0-12-1,000,000. Having a big butt is not a medical issue, so unless you can detect an actual medical problem kindly keep your prejudice to yourself
      +1. Perhaps feeling nauseated for days after a large helping of sugar is a medical issue so perhaps you should refer for that

    • mmmm bacon….. what were we talking about again?

      • lol yep i stopped listening at bacon. mmmmmmmmm number one craving when im pregnant only just ahead of potato in any form, god i have no idea how I got so fat!!

  10. Typical assumptions that care providers make around people of size. Ugh. The fact that the mother feels sick after having very sugary foods usually indicates reactive hypoglycemia, and should also raise suspicion for PCOS, since many women with PCOS experience this reaction due to high insulin levels.

    BTW, folks need to start submitting things like this not only here but to First Do No Harm, the blog documenting fat-phobic treatment from care providers.

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