Dec 042012

“In the real world, we would just let you go into labor.” – OB to mother at her 38 week prenatal.  The OB was discussing induction.

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 December 4, 2012  induction, OB, prenatal  Add comments

  17 Responses to ““In The Real World, We Would Just Let You Go Into Labor.””

  1. good thing we are in the real world then!

  2. Wait… what??

  3. However, here in Fantasyland, we like to play God.

  4. Are we in the fake world with unicorns and twinkle lights? I thought OBs prided themselves on science and evidence-based care while disparaging midwives for living in fantasyland.

    I hope the OP moved out into the real world, where induction is saved for medical indication.

  5. Head meet desk. It’s a cold, dark day when the doctors can no longer understand that what they do is REAL and has REAL implications.

  6. I knew it! I just knew we had to be in some of nightmare alternate-reality world!

  7. *Well, Earth to Dr. Nutcase. Earth to Dr. Nutcase!
    *Which world are you living in?
    *Did you forget your meds, come from the ward upstairs and steal a white coat, mister?
    *”We” don’t let “me” do anything. *I* make my decisions. That’s how we do it here in the real world.

  8. Is the ob referring to the tv show on mtv? Otherwise this statement doesn’t make sense.

  9. I’m trying to see how this conversation could have happened. Even if the mother had suggested the induction, this is still rude and doesn’t describe why an induction is (or isn’t) medically indicated.

  10. I bet the doc meant “In a perfect world.” Still, if this statement wasn’t followed by legitimate medical reason(s) for induction, then we don’t have to induce even in this sadly imperfect world. :)

  11. Should I take the blue pill or the red pill? Some people prefer altered states of reality. This doc might be one of them.


    When I wake up, can I have a doctor that has a brain?

  13. I knew I shouldn’t have followed that white rabbit into the OB’s office……

  14. So where am I now and how do I get to the real world from here?

    If I pinch myself, will you vanish? Will I be sitting in an empty parking lot outside a shut-down strip mall or something? In this ridiculous paper robe, yet?

  15. The real world? Was this a case in Narnia or something?

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