Nov 292012

“You did great!” – OB to mother who had an emergency cesarean while planning for a VBAC.  The OB came around to the mother’s side of the surgical drape, and held the mother’s head in the OB’s hands and looked into her eyes very sincerely.

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 November 29, 2012  Cesarean, OB, Thoughtful Thursdays, VBAC  Add comments

  2 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “You Did Great!””

  1. Sounds like my obstetrician. She sat on the bed and hugged me as I sobbed when my waters broke at 27 weeks. 2 weeks later at my delivery she had tears in her eyes when she said what an honour it was to be present at a birth. Well done to you OP for trialing a VBAC.

  2. Wow. this brought tears to my eyes. A little compassion goes a looooooooong way.

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