Nov 292012

“Do you want to sit in the GYN clinic waiting room, honey?  It’s right next door, and I can have the nurses call you from there.” – Receptionist at a hospital-based OB clinic, offering to let a mother avoid the OB waiting room at a follow-up appointment two weeks after a miscarriage.

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  13 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “Do You Want To Sit In The GYN Clinic Waiting Room…?””

  1. “Now for the first nominee in the Amazingly Thoughtful And Considerate Human Being Award…”

    (I know there are arguments against separating bereaved moms from pregnant moms, but the receptionist offered rather than forced, and she just sounds so sweet. Kudos to someone who recognizes the validity of a bereaved mom’s grief.)

  2. Its the little things like this that sometimes are the most thoughtful. I’ll bet the mother didn’t even think of this, but it is a very considerate thing to offer her.

  3. Wow. I can’t imagine having to sit there surrounded by happy pregnant moms after having just suffered a miscarriage.

    What an extremely considerate person. She should teach seminars in bedside manner and empathy.

  4. So much love for this receptionist!

    My gyn’s office is covered with baby magazines. At my first appointment (for infertility), there was even a Christmas tree covered in prams, diaper pins, baby bottles, bows, etc.

    I wanted to scream.

  5. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.

  6. I didn’t expect seeing pregnant women to be so hard after my miscarriage. One of the hardest moments was the first time I attended Mass after mine. A woman who had to be at least 8 mos. along sat down *right* next to me. It nearly brought me to tears. My husband noticed almost immediately and switched seats with me so I had our three kids and him in between us, but it was still hard.

    Kudos to this receptionist.

    • I went to church with my husband not long after my second miscarriage. An obviously pregnant woman sat down a few rows ahead of me across the aisle, in plain sight. I burst into tears. My husband saw me crying and saw the woman, so he asked if I wanted to go home. He then took me to lunch at my favorite diner (which he didn’t care for) to try to cheer me up.

      • My husband also ran interferance for me after my first two miscarriages. He’d warn me if he saw we were about to run into a pregnant mom or someone with a small baby, and give me a chance to collect myself. :)

    • Our parish community was wonderful (as news got out that I had miscarried, there was a lot of support) so going to Mass wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was the return to work that nearly put me over the edge.

      1. One of my office mates was also pregnant, she was a few weeks ahead of me and as far as I can tell, the first woman to ever achieve the great feat of pregnancy. She would not shut up about being pregnant. It was annoying sitting in the office with her while being pregnant, it was unbearable when I returned to the office and she still talked and talked and talked about being pregnant. I was so thankful when I was temporarily assigned to a different office for the next few weeks.

      2. In the time before being reassigned, I was still dealing with clients. (I worked at a drug and alcohol counseling center and many of our clients were there on court order and had their children in foster care as a result.) One of our clients who had really been struggling with staying sober and had her daughter removed was awarded custody again. We were all happy for her, but in trying to work through my pain, all I could think was “how could she do something that would have her child removed??!!” I left the office in tears. (Note: I worked in the business office, I did not do counseling.)

    • I’m a childbirth educator, and the first class I taught after my miscarriage was three couples who were all expecting within weeks of when I should have been giving birth. That was … hard.

      Yes, this was an amazingly thoughtful thing for the receptionist to do.

  7. perfect – would be nice to clone this receptionist.

  8. Beautiful. I said “Oh” out loud because it was so wonderful and thoughtful!

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