Nov 282012

“I’ll be randomly drug testing you throughout your pregnancy.” – OB to mother at 8 week prenatal.

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  38 Responses to ““I’ll Be Randomly Drug Testing You Throughout Your Pregnancy.””

  1. “No, you won’t.”

    If a practice that thinks it’s perfectly fine to violate patient rights during prenatals when there’s no cause, what are they going to do during labor? What else do they feel justified doing? How many other tests and procedures do they perform without consent? How many other times do they withhold information?

    OP: I hope you were out of there so fast you left tire tracks in the waiting room.

    • Nail, meet head. This reminds me of my second pregnancy. Same OB office as my first, wanted to give me a repeat HIV screening. I refused, but when I got the consent for the bloodwork to sign, HIV was on there. I told her I said no, and the nurse said, “I know, it’s just something we do with every pregnancy.” I had to fight her for a good two minutes before she took it off!

  2. My employer can do this. I’m in a safety sensitive position and they are required by law to randomly test 10% of their employees.
    They also cover all the costs of the test and pay me for my time. I’m willing to bet this OB charges for all these tests. Here’s an idea. How about I drug test you randomly since you are my employee?

  3. And your diagnosis for this? Are we being socioeconimically biased? Ethnically biased? Seriously, what’s your issue, doc? Do you not realize (at least for now) WE choose what tests to accept or deny?

  4. Sure you can drug test me, just as soon as you pay for it and get a WARRANT. WTF?! FYI: you’re FIRED!

  5. And I will randomly be looking for a new doctor today. Bye!

  6. I’m more surprised that he told her that instead of just putting drug testing on the requisition. That happens a lot. Make sure you know what all the tests are on a requisition before submitting a sample- you can refuse tests just like you can refuse medical procedures.

  7. Was this mother on welfare in a state that requires drug testing to receive welfare?

    Even if she was, SCREW THAT, I would get a different OB THAT DAY!!!

  8. I do not consent to unnecessary drug testing, so, how about… NO?
    Does the OB not realize that some women pay out-of-pocket for care?

  9. Oh, no problem, I always carry extra samples of “clean” urine and blood in my purse, just in case. Seriously, how do you even respond to that?

  10. I just had a horrible thought. What if this doctor recognizes that the practice’s policy of randomly drug-testing patients is wrong, but the doctor knows that if s/he speaks up, it’ll mean the loss of a cushy job?

    What if this is the doctor’s way of warning women it could happen so they can remove themselves from the practice before they’re subjected to unnecessary tests, the risk of false positives, and any sequelae that happen as a result of testing positive?

  11. Here they drug test infants at birth (one more reason to home birth) without informing the parents. I simply put in my birth plan that I didn’t consent and they treated me like I had something to hide. I didn’t, just don’t believe in stressing the baby any more than necessary.

    • This is my next concern; if the OP said no, did they then treat it like it was an admittance to drug use? Pay for the tests or we’ll call child services? Where does it end?

  12. This was mine. I wasn’t on welfare- or drugs. It was my first pregnancy and my very first prenatal appointment. My OB asked if I did drugs, and I told her I did not. She then looked me and my husband up and down and informed me that she would be testing me anyway. I didn’t know how to react, but after I got home I became furious. Needless to say, my next appointment was with a midwife. I’ve never gone back to that clinic.

  13. are you kidding!! here they dont drug test as far as i know, the midwife at your booking in appointment asks if as a part of your admission paperwork if you use any drugs illegal or otherwise, before you answer they explain they do not judge they just need to know so that the baby can get the special care it will need after the birth as they will get withdrawals (cue screaming baby who screams no stop not feeding or sleeping for 2-3 days) obviously for baby;s safety it would be best to stop but they cant do anything about it it you use… well along those lines anyway. its not that hard, why cant others do that, i can understand lying in other circumstances but when it comes to your baby’s safety wouldnt you just say yes i smoke _______ on occasion…? most people would im sure

  14. I adopted, and was allowed to have copies of the birthmom’s medical file pertaining to the pregnancy and labor (with her consent of course) She is white, VERY young (16), and grew up in a “hippy” lifestyle minus drugs. Her mom, who has dreds etc, attended her first few appointments with her before I took over, and sure enough on the first appointment doctor notes was “suspected drug use based on appearance” I never liked that OB but it was the one she wanted to use (and I have a post from the pregnancy on this page from 2011 about how he treated ME). And yes, he tested her for drugs EVERY appointment. And the baby got tested by law. Everyone came up clean. Birthmom DID overdo the mountain dew and energy drinks so baby did have Caffeine withdrawl and was born, full term, 5 lbs. But they don’t test nor really explain why caffeine is to be limited during pregnancy.

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