Nov 262012

“My God, that baby came down fast.” – Midwife to mother after the mother had repeatedly stated that the baby was coming, even though she had been checked a short while ago and was 5 cm.

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 November 26, 2012  Cervical exam, Midwife, pushing  Add comments

  6 Responses to ““My God, That Baby Came Down Fast.””

  1. Yes, the mother can’t POSSIBLY know what’s going on with her own body.

    When I had #3 my midwife had checked me and I was at a 4 (the one and only cervical check I ever had throughout 2 pregnancies and births with her). 45 minutes later I told her I was pushing. Did she argue with me? Did she tell me I couldn’t possibly be that far? No, she put on her friggin’ gloves and caught.

  2. One more example as to the unneeded/unnecessary of vaginal exams.

  3. this was my second birth i made it too five naturally and then opted for an epidural due to an old back injury and my first birth being traumatic. first she insisted of asking me repeatedly why i specified no pethidine or gas on my birth plan and made me explain in detail how it has caused my traumatic first birth.
    after the epidural was placed i maintained the feeling of pressure with each contraction. i soon felt the urge to push as the pressure was very low and i could feel cold air as i ‘opened up’ with each contraction after 20 minutes of telling the midwife this and her doing a quick visual inspection (between contractions!) i finally stated to her..look the pressure is tipping me forward now (i was on my side) i’m pushing involuntarily i need this baby is coming. when she finally did an internal exam her fingers went in all of two centimeters (roughly one inch) she got this very surprised look on her face and exclaimed “my god that baby came down fast.” like i hadnt been telling her for the last 20 minutes!

    • I went from 5cm to 10cm in 20 minutes with my last- all my labors were fast but that was ridiculous! The nurse who had checked me (at my request) when I was at 5cm checked me again when I said I felt a lot of pressure, and when I half-jokingly said I bet I was only at 6cm she replied “Nope, baby is RIGHT THERE!”

      I don’t see why it’s so difficult for medical personnel to just listen to women! My nurse listened to me and was awesome the whole time.

      • the joke was on her really my bloody show decided to finally make an appearance all over her hand my Doula said she looked a little grossed out lol. this was one of a couple of things. they also asked me if i was sure my waters had broken as if i could mistake that feeling lol. i ended up with three contractions later (so three sets of three pushes i just say three i refuse coaching lol) and bubs was out with only a tiny graze.

  4. My first two babies were pretty average experiences all around; I had epidurals with both, but water had broken prior to the hospital with both, and they were 11 and 7 hours respectively. No anything odd, really, except that they were both “sunny side up.” :) With my third, we joked around about her coming in just 3 hours, keeping up the -4 hour labor pattern, but when my water broke at 1:30 am, I had smaller, manageable contractions, and took a shower, finished packing, and took my older kids to the neighbors without much haste. 20 minute ride to the hospital was harder, but still doable. It was a larger military hospital, so before admittance, they send you to Triage. I have vague memories of checking in, filling out paperwork (while alternately dripping and gushing!) then being sent to a Triage room to be hooked up to monitors and wait till an OB could come check me for my prerequisite 4 cm dilation. I put on the gown, sat on the bed, got hooked up and then they left for what felt like a CRAZY amount of time (maybe 20 minutes!) All of a sudden, I was sweating and shivering and shaking and I could NOT lay down. (UMMMM, transition, anyone?) I sent my husband out to get someone (ANYONE! LOL) to come in, but they kept putting him off. They did come in and check the 19 year old first timer who was 38 weeks along with BH contractions during this time, though….. When I finally sat up and knocked the monitor off my belly, they came in. Once they coaxed me BACK onto my back, it was both terrifying and deeply-satisfying to here the OB call out,
    “I need an L&D room—NOW!” All in all, we checked into the hospital at 3:38 am, and she was born at 4:23 am….also sunny side up, which accounted for the constant pain. ;)

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