Nov 242012

“If you’re not going to quit breastfeeding, we just won’t give you pain medication.” –  rthopedist to nursing mother with a broken ankle.

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  14 Responses to ““…We Just Won’t Give You Pain Medication.””

  1. If it hadn’t been said to me, I wouldn’t believe it happened. I never have Jane’s quirky comebacks live… This was what he said before leaving the room. I can’t stand him but he’s my only option right now. Thank God I had pain needs stockpiled from my two trips to the ER for the same ankle!!

    • You naughty little girl. Who said you were allowed to think for yourself and speak your mind? How dare you treat me, a God, this way? Don’t you know I know what’s best for you? Now do as I say and don’t worry your little pretty head off. I’m your daddy and I’ll take care of you.


    • You mean to tell me this doctor is completely incapable of finding a pain medication that’s safe for breastfeeding?

      The next time you go in, tell him the name of a BF-safe pain medication you’d like to take (do your own research) and then if he asks if you’re breastfeeding, you can say “Does it look like I’m breastfeeding? No.” :-b

      No, in the moment I wouldn’t have one of those comebacks either because I expect these people to do their flipping jobs, rather than just cut and run because they don’t feel like opening a book. OBVIOUSLY if they give pain meds to moms who’ve had C-sections then it’s possible to give pain meds to a BF mom who broke her ankle.

      You could also just not leave the room. ;-) “Oh, he’s not done with me yet. I was supposed to get a script for pain medication.”

  2. Oooooor you could give something safe…. Sounds like a good time to contact the state medical board.

  3. Yikes, poor you! My hubby just had his 2nd surgery this past Wednesday on his ankle that he originally injured in January, and WITH pain meds he is still in quite a bit of pain. I hope you are able to convince a dr to give you something for pain.

  4. What a jerk! I broke my ankle and had surgery on it this past summer- all while pregnant. Even I got some decent pain meds.

  5. Can this doctor be reported? I had surgery when my son was a few months old and I was still brestfeeding. The ENT somehow managed to find a pain reliever that would work, so those meds are out there (and not too hard to find). Of course, my ENT wasn’t too proud to call the hospital pharmacy to find the right med for me. Sounds like the OP’s doctor can’t admit there might be something he doesn’t know. Sorry OP! I hope your ankle is better now.

  6. I’m a migraine sufferer and there are most definitely pain meds that are safe to take while bf’ing/pregnant. This doc is either anti-bf’ing, too lazy to find a safe med or both (probably both).

    Sorry. Hope you were able to find relief.

  7. because women who have c sections or bad afterpains never get pain relief even though majority are at least attempting to breastfeed? and of course post partum mums never get migraines or hurt themselves or need surgery while still breastfeeding, god forbid they need a tooth pulled! all this without a pain killer because we dared to feed our children the way nature intended! so sorry you had to put up with this jerk!

  8. Hey Doc, there are these LOVELY devices called books. Some of the contain wisdom regarding pain killers, or ANY medication for that matter and using them during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Maybe you should read a few?

  9. i had this, too. went to my gp about 8 days pp because my neck and head were SO sore – wasn’t sure if it was still epidural headache or muscles, but thought it was muscle pain from looking down will nursing. everytime i tried to nurse it hurt so bad i was almost sick to my stomach. on a pain scale, my section scar was a 3 if my neck was a 10. dr wrote me a script – on the way i out i asked – so this ok while nursing? he says – oh, i thought you would stop while taking it. no, i can’t realy give you anything else. i was to dumbstruck to make him look and find me anything.

  10. funny, the OB prescribed me vicodin for post partum pain and for a rib out of place when i was pregnant. i did choose to use sparingly both times… but they offered refills if i needed it. so …. i think i know that some pain meds are safe. vicodin can make baby as sleepy as it makes me…. thats the warning.

  11. Excuse me?? When is my option to breastfeed EVER your business?

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