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“You can’t undo pregnancy.” -Emergency Department doctor to mother who was being seen for unexplained blacking out at 15 weeks.

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 November 23, 2012  informed consent  Add comments

  27 Responses to ““You Can’t Undo Pregnancy.””

  1. Uuuuuhhhh…. Yea…… why don’t you just do your job, doc- figure out what’s wrong and let the otherwise healthy pregnancy continue?

  2. Yeah…cuz randomly ‘blacking out’ is such a common, assumed side effect of pregnancy that seeking medical help for it is just ‘complaining about being pregnant’.
    Even if a mom was asking the doctor about (normal) weight gain, this would still be a jerk thing to say, but here it’s both jerkish *and* completely nonsequitor.

  3. and, um, at 15 weeks, you CAN “undo” pregnancy.

    • Well, yes, a pregnancy can be terminated, but even then it doesn’t turn back the clock like it never happened. At the very, very least, even barring all moral and medical questions, it will need to be disclosed on future medical history reports.

      • And I believe, especially later in the game, that your physiology does have some permanent alterations to it. That said, hey doc, did mom imply she was looking to “Undo” this, or are you just talking out of the wrong hole again?

  4. I am thinking this guy is saying that blacking out is just a normal part of pregnancy and there is no point looking for a different root cause. A terrible brush-off, since blacking out can have all kinds of causes, some benign, some dangerous, and it is his JOB to figure it out, not be all superior and dismissive.

    • Yeah…I’ve been pregnant three times and only came close to blacking out once. And that was with my first pregnancy, which was ectopic, and that’s when it ruptured.

      My point being–you’re exactly right. Blacking out definitely can be a sign of other problems.

  5. “And there’s no other possible cause for blacking out? None?”

    I understand the ER doc’s job is to get a person stable and out the door as quickly as possible, but this is a lousy way to do it. :-(

  6. That’s not what she asked… How presumptive.

  7. Well, I suppose that’s why Ctrl+Z didn’t make that second pink line disappear. Genius.

  8. Oh, you know I was just wondering why I was passing out. I was thinking something like anemia or low blood sugar. Not that I passed out so I could get an abortion…

  9. This little gem is mine. I blacked out at my 4 year old’s gymnastics school. On the advice of my OB’s office (who said the hospital would have access to more testing to figure out the cause), I had a friend watch my daughter while my husband took me to the hospital. After sitting for hours in the waiting room with a painful needle catheter in my arm (“just in case”), we were ushered to a room and I was told to get undressed. The doctor came in, basically told me nothing was wrong with me, and smirked disdainfully at my (logical and sane) questions. As he walked out the door less than 5 minutes later, he said over his shoulder, “You can’t undo pregnancy”. I am normally quick with a comeback, but this one left me speechless (and my very mellow husband furious). Like our first child, we had tried for about a year for this baby– we didn’t want to “undo” her!
    On a side note, I fired my OB because she refused to do any further testing on the unfounded grounds that I must have GD, and that that was the reason for the black out. ( was suspicious that the anemia I had in my first pregnancy was back.) While waiting for my first appt with my new OB, I went to see my (amazing) PC because I kept having near-blackout episodes. She was alarmed to discover that I did indeed have severe anemia and extremely low blood pressure to go with it- a perfect explanation, according to her. She ordered me a Rx for my iron and advised me to monitor and log my blood pressure. Just goes to show that, while we might not be doctors, common sense and basic knowledge can go a long way!

    PS- Some of the comments cracked me up!

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