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“This is the part that hurts!” – Midwife to first trimester mother at a prenatal when she unexpectedly and rather roughly started to do a vaginal exam.

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 November 23, 2012  Cervical exam, Midwife, prenatal  Add comments

  19 Responses to ““This Is The Part That Hurts!””

  1. Note to Women.

    Keep your underwear on all ALL times during a clinic visit and this type of appalling experience will not happen.

    OP – I hope you smacked her hand and away and got up and left.

    There is absolutely no need for any form of internal exam on a newly pregnant woman. It’s invasive, unneccessary and does not provide any useful information..

    • So true! A pap smear isn’t even needed during pregnancy, in fact many European countries don’t even do them because of getting high false positives because of the cervix changing during pregnancy. It’s all about MONEY & covering their a$$.

      • they dont do paps during pregnancy here, most obs wouldnt think about VE’s unless there was reason to or after 37 weeks, i myself have never had a VE just because in 2 pregnancies ive had 3 VE’s one due to a bleed they were making sure my cervix was still closed, one after an ECV and then in my second pregnancy when i was admitted in labour

        • Exactly. Here in the USA it’s about litigation under the guise of “health care”. That’s why the ACOG changed their guidelines, because there was way too many false positives and the fact that they were hurting women. This is precisely the reason I stopped doing paps/pelvics and I’m only 27yrs old.

          • I think the new recommendation is if you have a certain number of negative pap smears (3 or 4) you don’t have to have a pap smear every.

          • I’ve read the new guidelines and I’ve decided to forgo paps/pelvic altogether. The benefits don’t outweigh the risks in my opinion. I’ll take my .65% chance of getting this extremely rare cancer, but to each their own. I’ll no longer pay to be a guinea pig in the sick pharmaceutical science project.

          • I’ve read the new guidelines and have decided to take my .65% chance of getting this extremely rare cancer. Paps are very inaccurate and the benefits don’t outweigh the risks, not to mention the money that is wasted on this flawed test. No thank you. My days as a paying guinea pig in the sick pharmaceutical science project are over. But to each their own.

          • My doc told me I didn’t have to have a Pap every year, but told me the recommendation is still for a pelvic exam every year. ?!?!

          • They want your money. Why is it only the women need to go every year and men don’t? Penile cancer is just as rare and yet boys/men don’t go? It’s paternalistic medicine.

    • I do believe there is a legitamate reason, and that would be to check for ectopic pregnancy/location of the baby, but that doesn’t mean it should hurt and it certainly does not require the entire fist.

      • Sonograms do the same thing without introducing bacteria into the vagina. If the pregnancy is progressing normally then vaginal exams are useless and harmful.

        • You honestly believe that a vaginal sono would introduce less bacteria than a vaginal exam. You do know the gloves and the wand condoms come from the same company? Or are you suggesting waiting until 12-20 weeks to double check for an ecpotic so you can do a tradition belly sono? Or maybe you and I just come from different generations since as I understand it you are lucky to get a first appointment by 12 weeks these days.

  2. I’ve had my share of internal exams but they were always done gently, respectfully, only when necessary and with my full informed consent. How do people like this midwife maintain their licence??!!! This is physical abuse and there is absolutely no excuse for this horrible bedside manner! :(

  3. I had no idea she was going to check my cervix. I thought the visit was over and started to sit up (after she felt my stomach) and that’s when she made that horrible remark and jammed her fist in my vagina! I was in shock and looking at my husband the whole time who mirrored my reaction. I never saw her agian and guarded my vagina during all the next appointments.

    In my birth plan, I made sure to include a part that stated I wanted whoever was to touch me to ask my permission and explain what they were going to do.

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