Nov 232012

“It’s like a little mohawk!” – OB to mother who was pushing, as the OB played with and twirled the mother’s pubic hair.

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 November 23, 2012  OB, pushing  Add comments

  22 Responses to ““It’s Like a Little Mohawk!””

  1. At first I thought this was a repeat, from where the nurse was playing with the baby’s hair… oh. my. word. I’d be freaking out!!

  2. Cue me applying my foot to the OBs face.


  3. My husband wouldn’t have the gall to twirls my pubes. This is insane. I mean, while we’re at it, c’mere OB, I feel like tweaking a stranger’s nipples for no good reason, and you’re a strange body. That’s not weird, right?

  4. Yep, this is what my sister’s ob said to her/did to her while was pushing, I was too naive to say anything. It was a female ob. My sister probably didn’t even hear this, and she used her for her second child again.

  5. This leaves me utterly sick to my stomach.

  6. Ewwwwwwwwwww…
    That’s all I’ve got.

  7. Sounds exactly like sexual assault to me….sounds like this OB has a sick mind. :(

  8. It’s like a little inappropriate comment complaint!

  9. Okay. Doing that to the baby’s hair is already sort of doubtful, well, depends how well you know the person. Mohawking the mother’s pubic hair? Get your hands THE FUCK out of there, thank you. >:-(

  10. Ummm……. Well…….. Nope. Still have no words.

  11. wow…..not that I would ever be in a position during labor to allow this behavior from my provider but wow…. Bless my sweet midwife’s heart I don’t really go into “labor land”….ever and with my first I was on hands and knees in a pool. She said she was going to touch my leg and I heard her but didn’t really think about it so she touched me (right after a contraction) and I jumped/screamed poor thing thought I was going to kick her @$$! We have a great relationship but I think I would have beaten her for the Mohawk thing….

  12. Creepy. Just plain creepy.

    Not to mention *incredibly* inappropriate.

  13. I’m calling this one fake. Most stuff on this site I can believe, but this seems EXTREMELY far fetched!

  14. Um. WHAT? Any time I’ve ever been to the gyno even, people are always very respectful. It’s “I’m placing my hand here, you’re going to feel such and such” not, OMGosh, look at the cute little mohawk? *twirl twirl*. What the heck was wrong with this OB?

  15. OMG no way would i be even remotely okay with that

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