Nov 222012

“Oh that’s great! You can do this! You don’t need an epidural. There are lots of risks with an epidural. Doing it naturally like you are is best. I’m here if you need me, but I hope you don’t. Best wishes!” – Anesthesiologist to mother who was planning an umedicated birth. The anesthesiologist had come in to introduce him/herself.

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  One Response to “Thoughtful Thursday! “…I Am Here If You Need Me, But I Hope You Don’t…””

  1. So was everybody else speechless too? Because wow, this–this–holy shit, that’s two posts in a row featuring hospital personnel who don’t automatically assume that a laboring woman’s body is broken and she’s helpless and incapable and has to be rescued from her own physiological processes.

    If this is the same hospital, please can the name of the place be published?

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