Nov 182012

“The longer we wait, the higher your chances of a dead baby.” – OB explaining why the mother needed to be induced at her due date.

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  24 Responses to ““The Longer You Wait, The Higher Your Chances Of A Dead Baby.””

  1. If I died and God granted me just one wish for the world I left, I’d ask for Him to make stupidity painful. Half the OBs would leave their practices overnight.

  2. I think that a lot of people actually believe this.

  3. Really? Numbers please! What are the exact chances of stillbirth at 38-39-40-41-42+ weeks? What are the chances my due date is wrong and the baby would be induced too early? What are the chances of an induction to fail and a C-section to become necessary? What are the side effects of the drugs you plan to use for the induction? What are the chances for the baby to suffer serious complications because of the induction?

    No problem, I’ll wait until you go look those up. And then I’ll look at the numbers and judge for myself how they apply to my individual situation. And then I’ll make an informed decision. Who knows, that decision may also include me leaving with a copy of my records.

  4. Really? Interesting. Do you also have the odds on Pitocin making the chances of a dead baby higher? Because I know they have numbers for that problem, too. And I also know that I get to pick which odds I like better. And that you need to show me studies, not pull numbers out of your, ya’know…

    • I tried to explain that the numbers I’ve seen put waiting and inducing to be about the same percentage of risk to my OB when he said he was only comfortable letting me go until 42 weeks according to my u/s due date instead of my earlier due date. He the told me if I’m comfortable with putting my baby’s life at risk he would respect that (her NST’s were normal). Nice. I turned to my husband and asked did he really just try to play the dead baby card? My OB didn’t know what to say after that. lol

      • I LOVE that!! “Did he really just try to play the dead baby card?” I would love to have seen the OB’s face at that one. Just out of curiosity, how far along were you when you had your baby?

        • I was 42 weeks 5 days when I went into labor. I was supposed to have an appt that morning, but went into labor and my water broke an hour before my appt. When I got to the hospital my nurse, who I had once before for a NST (loved her), told me my chart said he was going to try to talk me into an induction for the next day, so it was good I went into labor then. I told her that wouldn’t have happened anyway. She looked at my chart again and said good. lol So he didn’t get paid for that appt or the birth. lol He wasn’t a bad OB over all. I think they drill into them at medical school that after 42 weeks the baby WILL die. He also asked me (politely) why exactly I was so against being induced. *sigh* They just don’t get it. I summed it up by saying once you intervene unnecessarily it’s like a domino effect and I don’t want to take that risk. He looked confused. lol
          She was just waiting to be born on my birthday. 9/11 :)

          • Has anyone else noticed the weird phenomenon that OBs are far likelier to agree to something if the reason is unimportant, just as long as you don’t try to use facts or challenge what they say? For instance, delaying induction because of risks will make them angry. Delaying because you don’t want to be in the hospital on your birthday? Sure! It drives me crazy! It just proves to me that a lot of the OBs I’ve met are extremely defensive about their authority over women.

          • Interesting! I’m going to look out for this, I think you are right. Really interesting…

          • I think everyone needs a brother, sister, aunt or uncle with a birthday at about 42 weeks. Think how that could reduce the fighting.

      • I loved the look on the on-call OB’s face when my husband shut down her dead baby card. I’m pretty sure she had never had a patient question her omniscience before. Sigh… so satisfying :-D

  5. How interesting! I’m sure you have some medical research to back up that statement, right? You would never just bully someone into a medical procedure without actual medical evidence, right?

    Or are you just a git trying to get your way by scaring me?

  6. What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah…. bullshit!

    • This is so out-of-character that it made me burst out laughing!
      …Hope you’re doing okay.

      • ::grins:: Every once in a blue moon, I find that nothing else will do! I’m hanging in okay, thank you! Still feeling a little overwhelmed with the recent diagnosis but that’s to be expected. How are you doing, Kathryn?

        • Life is pretty good here, thanks for asking. :) We’re finally in our own place again after 2.5 years living in my in-laws’ basement (we’ve been married 4.5 years), so that’s fabulous. Plus, had a fun play date this morning, which always recharges my batteries and makes me a better mom/person.
          I know I’ve never met you, but your comments here have always impressed me and I admire you and pray for your comfort and peace with the trials I know you are going through.

          • Oh my goodness, it must be such a big relief for you all to be in your own home again! No matter how wonderful extended family might be, every little family unit wants their own space at times!

            Thank you for your sweet words and most of all, thank you for your prayers! I covet them now more than ever, for certain sure. Life has been wearing me down more than I’d care to admit right now and I’m struggling to set it all aside and just focus on this holiday season and the joy that will come with it!

          • It’s awesome — I have my own kitchen, two bedrooms for my family of 4, AND a washer/dryer exclusively for my use. The only way it would be better would be if library/park/grocery store were within walking/biking distance. :)

            You’ll always have my prayers. I hope you find joy, especially this holiday season!

  7. Of course, this is true after a certain point. But is 40 weeks that point? No. Not even close.

    • And that point varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. My sister carried her youngest child to 46 weeks. Most people would say that this was well past the line but she and the baby were fine.

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