Nov 162012

“Do you want to be here all day?” – OB to mother, 1/2 hour into a pitocin induction, when the OB was doing a vaginal exam and was preparing to break the mother’s amniotic sac.  The mother did not agree to AROM.

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 November 16, 2012  induction, informed consent, OB, pitocin  Add comments

  19 Responses to ““Do You Want To Be Here All Day?””

  1. No, just cut me open now and I can be here, recovering, for several days.

  2. Stop me if I’m wrong, but the mom *is* going to be there all day, and probably tomorrow too. So it’s just the doctor who’s projecting impatience onto the mother.

  3. You mean this isn’t a vacation?

  4. If that’s what it takes, sure! Not doing anything else.

  5. I don’t think you’re motivated by if I want to be here all day… but rather that you do not want to be here all day.

  6. Are you guaranteeing that I won’t be here all day if you break my membranes?


    Can I have that in writing?

  7. Believe it or not, I have no other pressing appointments. I had this crazy idea that clearing my scheduled might be a wise thing to do.

  8. 1) Yes I blieve i will be here all day because a first time mom is known to labor a bit longer and I plan on stay at least 1 night
    2) Scientific studies have shown that breaking the waters only speeds things along about 20 minutes, unless of course it leads to cord prolapse in which case you will be very busy in just a few minutes.
    Bottom line sit down and shut up or leave until the nurses call you. Nobody cares that it is 5 pm on a Friday or 7:45 am and your office opens soon. Babies come when babies come and this is what you signed up for.

  9. Um, isn’t that kind of a given?

  10. Uh, regardless of if I have this baby in an hour, or in ten hours, I’m still going to be here for a while. If you have some where else to be, just get me a doctor that’s not in such a freaking hurry, and go about your life.

  11. Yes, I love being here for the wonderful customer service and the awesome food.

  12. “Of course I want to be here all day! Heck, I get full power of the remote control, warm blankets and all the ice chips I would ever want! You’d have to be a fool to turn that down and Momma didn’t raise no fool!”

  13. Augh. I had a doula client in basically the same situation, only her doctor said, “I have to break your waters. You’re here for an induction. We have to get on with it.”
    Thankfully it ended up being a great birth but I know mama wasn’t a fan at that point.

  14. Translation: *I* don’t want to be here all day. The faster I can get my inductions into the OR the sooner I can go home.

  15. yes, i do want to be here all day. my kids have been on my nerves lately, pregnancy hormones you know, so this is vacation for me. now if only YOU would go away…

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