Nov 142012

“No!” – Midwife to mother when the mother asked if she was in transition yet. Mother gave birth 20 minutes later, after having been in labor for 36 hours.

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 November 14, 2012  labor, Midwife, transition  Add comments

  8 Responses to ““No!””

  1. isn’t opposite day fun =P … I mean err horrible?

  2. I guess she wasn’t in transition because she had passed transition and was almost ready to push.


  3. How about: “Why do you feel you might be in transition?” or “I don’t see the signs I usually see with mothers in transition, but if you feel like you are it’s possible. Let’s give it a little longer and see what happens. I know you can do this!” and maybe even “Let me know if you start feeling like you need to push!”

  4. And we’re yelling at the laboring woman, why, exactly?
    Sounds like someone had a stinky day and was taking it out on the mother.
    No excuse. You leave your stinkyness at the door.

  5. Who let a 2 year old in the delivery room? although my 23 month old (at the time) was fantastic during my labour he lay down beside me and patted my head. this woman could have taken a lesson from my toddler

  6. at my daughter’s birth three weeks ago i got to hospital after transition with my body barely holding off from pushing while i talked to the midwives and told them very clearly that i had been through transition and had started having pushing contractions. they just looked at me like, Uh huh, and told me, well let’s put you on the monitors so we can get a 30 minute trace. Gah! i told them that wasn’t happening and they let me go to a birthing room where they persisted with the monitor-mantra while my body started contracting madly and they just kept filling in forms while i got in the shower, when my daughter’s head was born in one push about half and hour later they came running! it was a great birth in its way but i felt like they didn’t listen to me *at all*…

  7. oh this one’s mine :)
    this was my homebirth, the midwives were there since 5pm, she said this around 9pm. I had been laboring (screaming/crying in pain) on the toilet for about 2 hours, i come out of the bathroom begging to get into the tub, and i asked if i was in transition yet, she said no… (talk about encouragement lol) i never really got to use the birth tub because they only let me get into it after i asked about transition.. i ended up giving birth in my shower 20 min later (or less) at the next day check up, she said “now that i think about it, you probably were in transition!” no, really?

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