Nov 122012

“That apology I gave you for not following up sooner,  I’m taking it back. I did follow up.”-OB to mother, and then provided information that had been needed in a timely manner 14 months before.

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 November 12, 2012  informed consent, OB  Add comments

  8 Responses to ““That Apology…I’m Taking It Back…””

  1. “Wil Mrs. Crenshaw please report to {Local} Hospital OB/GYN? One of your third grade students is masquerading as a doctor again.”

  2. So not only are you an incompetent fool, you’re a liar and a rude jerk, too.
    Ok, just so we’re clear.

  3. This confuses me. Pretty sure the doctor is a douche, but I still want to see the pink link.

  4. You know all that business and insurance pay outs and copays from me I was about to give you? I take it back. You aren’t getting any, because I’ve already found another doctor, I’m just here to collect my records, blowhard.

  5. Something tells me the original apology wasn’t exactly sincere in the first place…

  6. I think what this link is saying is the mother needed some medical information but the doctor never got it to her. Then he came to her and said he HAD researched it, just failed to pass it on. So his apology is rescinded because he HAD followed up, just not passed it on.

    Diagnosis: Douche.

  7. Taking back your apology doesn’t mean you weren’t in the wrong to begin with. It does mean you’re a bigger jerk than before.

  8. Because everyone knows you’re limited to the number of apologies you can offer in a year. Can’t go around handing them out when they’re not necessary! ::rolls eyes:: I have an overwhelming urge to stick out my tongue at this doctor and tell him to grow up.

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