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“You know you have a 30% chance of dying if you don’t get the flu shot.” – OB to mother who declined a flu shot at 30 weeks of pregnancy.

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 November 11, 2012  informed consent, OB, prenatal  Add comments

  46 Responses to ““…You Have A 30% Chance Of Dying If You Don’t Get The Flu Shot.””

  1. Reports please? Studies? Statistics? Rational thinking? No? You just pulled that out of your ass? Yeah, tha’ts what i thought.

  2. Uhhhh… I’m not garuanteed of getting the flu in the first place, so what exactly am I going to die from?

  3. This is totally true. 70% of people who’ve gotten a flu shot haven’t died yet. ;-)

    This doctor also believes that because 95% of people die in bed, obviously beds kill people.

  4. are you kidding me? When I was pregnant with DS, my OB advised against getting the flu shot even though I usually receive it. (I’m one of those people who if doesn’t get it will get the flu)
    failed scare tactic.

    • My midwives haven’t even mentioned it to me yet, nor my perinatologist. I haven’t gotten the flu shot in at least 15 years, and I’ve only had the flu once in that time. I’d rather take my chances without it, I think it’s just too risky.

      • I’ve never had a flu shot, and never had the flu as far as I know. (It’s always possible I had it as a kid and just don’t remember.) It’s interesting how many people just assume they have the flu when they get sick, and don’t know what the actual symptoms of the flu are.

      • I had to get the shot every year while I was in the military and I got the flu every single time. I never got it before and haven’t gotten it again since getting out (so 24 years without a flu shot) and have only ever gotten the flu once, when DH caught it from someone at work and passed it to the rest of us. It wasn’t as bad as the side effects from the flu shot.

    • I have NEVER had a flu shot, and I have contracted influenza zero times.

  5. why does this quote remind me of those old chain letters / emails that threaten something terrible will happen to you in 7 days if you don’t pass it onto 10 other people, spin in a circle, clap your hands and jump up and down while naked under the full moon?

  6. Actually, I have a 100% chance of dying if I don’t get the flu shot. I also have a 100% chance of dying if I *do* get the flu shot. Everybody dies! The only question is when and from what.

    • This made me LOL! I’m a funeral director and one of our trade books said that “The Death Rate is on the Rise.” I thought, actually, it is exactly the same as it has always been…100% LOL!!!

      • Yeah, one of my pet peeves is reading headlines that say, “Dark chocolate/red wine/etc lower risk of death!” No, no they don’t. They might lower the risk of *early* death or death from a *specific cause*, but they don’t make you immortal.

  7. I’ve been pregnant four times and never got the flu shot. Guess I’m a zombie, now? What a crock!

    • I was pregnant with my second child during the “deadly H1N1 flu epidemic”. The OB tried to get me to get the flu shot and I declined it. I knew two pregnant women, who didn’t get the shot either, who got the H1N1 flu (diagnosed clinically) who said it was actually easier on them than the regular flu. Fancy that.

      • My dad had H1N1 and it was about as bad as the regular flu. His doctor said that, that year, the majority of the people who got the flu had H1N1 and it wasn’t any worse than normal.

        • I find this difficult to believe. I had H1N1 and developed secondary complications (strep pneumonia, pleural effusion), despite being low-risk, young and very fit & healthy. I was hospitalized for 25 days and had an open thoracotomy. Every medical professional I encountered said they had never seen a flu season like it before and hoped they’d never see it again.

          • I think it hit everyone differently…like anything else. My brother-in-law had confirmed H1N1 and he said it just felt like a really nasty cold. (Congestion, cough, etc…) He never felt like he was dying and he recovered in 2 weeks.

          • I’m not saying that there weren’t varying degrees of illness, but overall there were higher rates of complications and secondary infections. My respiratory therapist said he’d never seen so many cases of strep pneumonia in an average flu season.

      • Yeah, H1N1 is the one flu I caught. It was nothing for me. DH had it pretty bad, but that’s because they made him get the shot the day he went back to work after being SIQ with it and it made him sick again.

  8. “I don’t always make up statistics, but when I do, I use 30%.”

  9. Why? Do you contract out to kill 3 out of 10 people who won’t give you $40 for a flu shot??
    I think i’d have to hit this doctor with a rolled up Cochrane institute report a few dozen times.

  10. I’m sorry but I just busted out laughing. I couldn’t help it. Sometimes the stupidity is so funny!

  11. *Shrugs*
    Well, if you say so Doc. I guess you’ll just have to deal with me making my own decisions, huh?

  12. But But But… If you dont get the flu shot The Magical Unicorns Of OB/Gyn will Perish! Its like tinkerbelle and the fairies… You have to believe or they will cease to exist!!!

  13. “You know you have a 30% chance of dying if you don’t get the flu shot.”

    Me: “Really?! What would I die from? I mean as far as I know since birth I’ve had a 100% chance of dying. It’s just a matter of time now!”

  14. seriously?! i am pro vaccination but the flu shot is a joke in my opinion, how many people actually get the flu soon after getting the shot? ive had it once because the daycare i worked at required it but i wont be getting it again. (that one was the combined h1n1 shot) ive never had the flu, and im yet to die as far as i can tell

  15. I did meet a woman who did actually die from secondary complications after contracting H1N1. Her family had it, and was given tamiflu but her doc wouldn’t give it to her. Her baby was delivered and she was put into an induced coma…got to see her child only for a short, very short while. Her case was rare in a time of great fear and scary talk. I was pregnant at the time, and couldn’t decide. I ended up not getting the shot at first, then they ran out of the supply. So, I made it through without getting H1N1 that I know of and I didn’t die. Realistically, a pregnant woman had a higher chance of complications just like anyone with a weaker immunity (pregnant women do have some issues with immunity so that their body does not reject the baby). But, this is not a reason to lie to the mom about the risks.

  16. The flu shot in pregnancy will decrease your risk of preterm delivery by 30 percent fact not opinion it will also protect your newborn from flu. Getting the shot by both mom and dad will decrease your risk of bringing flu home. No one can get ry expert flu from shot it is not a live virus. Every expert says get the flu shot every uneducated moron says there are risks!

  17. 30 percent decrease in preterm birth up to one year protection for baby from what could be fatal infection for your baby. Before you comment go to medical school get a degree in immunology or just read the center for disease protection web site which the foremost authority in the world. It’s not an opinion it’s fact

    • So OBs have degrees in immunology, and they get those in medical school? Also, the CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not having a medical degree does not make one incapable of forming reasonable opinions, but it might make you bad at punctuation and fact checking.

    • Bullshit. The flu shot does have a 30% chance of actually being effective against whatever strain is going around, though. Maybe that’s where you get your 30% from. Me, I’ve had the flu twice. Once in high school and once a few years ago. And I’ve never had the flu shot. 2 times in 30.5 years. Or I could have had 31 flu shots by now…. and still quite likely have had the flu.

    • So there’s absolutely no risk from the mercury and aluminum in the flu shot? No possible bad side effects at all? Or is it just that the benefits of MAYBE not catching the flu outweigh the risks associated with injecting mercury and almuminum into our pregnant bodies? Because as someone who has had the flu only once in the last fifteen years, I strongly disagree with that.

    • Guys, there’s no way this is a real doctor. S/he didn’t even read the OP before commenting or else s/he’d have realized the 30% chance of dying was the mother, not the baby. Plus, doctors learn punctuation long before they reach medical school.

      Let’s not engage. Let’s just have a great laugh about these drive-by postings that have pretty much nothing to do with the topics they’re attached to. :-)

      Happy Friday!

    • Yea, that’s why my uncle(who is a doctor) refuses to give his wife, kids, and self the shot… AND recommended I not get it while pregnant…

  18. Ugh, my OB tried to get me to take a flu shot at every visit, even after I said, ” I will never accept a flu shot, please don’t offer it again” the first time. I even (somewhat jokingly) told her that I thought they were “propagandist”, hoping she’d get the point. Nope.

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