Nov 102012

“Hey listen, you’ve got to hurry up and focus on that baby.” – L&D nurse to mother who was pushing.

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 November 10, 2012  birth, L&D Nurse, pushing  Add comments

  20 Responses to ““…You’ve Got To Hurry Up & Focus On That Baby.””

  1. She’s pushing, what more do you want?

  2. Yeah, stop doing your nails!

  3. Yeah, push faster! Because no birth is complete without broken blood vessels in yer face and something prolapsed down in yer nethers, amirite?

    It’s a labor room, not an assembly line!

  4. You know how women are, so focused on the thrill of labor that you have to remind them, otherwise they totally forget about their baby and just stay fully dilated for months.

  5. I was told to stop focusing on my baby and that I wouldn’t be allowed to hold her until I pushed out the placenta. THAT’S what broke the blood vessels in my face bc I wanted to hold my baby so I was purple pushing the placenta.

    • That flat out pisses me off. They have no right to use your baby as a bargaining chip like that! Ash, I am so sorry!

      • I was pretty pissed myself, and in no position to argue, but I filed a complaint later. Probably didn’t do anything but made me feel slightly better about the fact that 5 people got to hold her before I did.

        • I told everyone that the only person allowed to hold my baby before me is my hubby and the doc that pulls her out(unless baby needs medical help)

          • I had that written on my birth plan, as well as writing out that at push time everyone but the doc, one nurse, and hubs were to leave but that didn’t happen. When I asked why later I was told it all happened too fast. I pushed for “only 20 minutes”. Um it takes less than a minute to say “everyone but husband needs to leave”

  6. Sorry, I was distracted by the unicorn and twinkle lights.

  7. Baby!?! What baby? OH! THAT baby! What exactly did you think I was focusing on nurse idiot!?!

  8. Oh, sorry! I thought I was here to watch the game. We don’t have cable at home!

    • This comment puts me in mind of the Futurama episode where we see a flashback to Fry’s birth. Fry’s mom is far more interested in who is winning the lastg game of the World Series than the impending birth. When her team wins, she calls it the happiest day of her life. When Fry puts in his appearance right after the game ends, she’s all ‘meh’. Maybe the nurse thought the OP was too wrapped up in the game. (sarcasm intended)

  9. What the hell do you *think* I’ve been focusing on all this time? Your ugly mug??

  10. I’ve worked with a whole lot of pregnant woman but I’ve never had a baby myself, so let me ask this to all of you that actually have children. Was there any point during active labor that you were NOT focused on your baby?

    • There were, but most of those moments were “Owwwwww this huuuurts!!!”
      With my first pregnancy (my daughter), I was loopy on demerol for most of my labor. I only got it because they had flat on my back after the OB broke my water artificially without permission. And of course once I was nice and out of it, they gave pitocin without consent or indication, which added quite a few more of those moments, I’d bet.
      *sigh* If only I had found this site before then!
      With my sons, I had a fast yet entirely bearable labor, and everything was lovely until they saw the position of Twin B and recommended a section. I consented and within 20 minutes they were out. I was much more focused on them during that labor, it was actually a better experience!

    • Actually, I almost never focused on the baby during labor. When I was in active labor, I went deep inside myself and was focused on the way my body was working, on the sensations, and my own processing. The baby wasn’t a part of it. Neither were my surroundings, to be honest. When I pushed, I thought about pushing. When I had contractions, I thought about contracting. When I was resting between contractions, I thought about resting.

      It was the most here-and-now I’ve ever been in my life, what I imagine a hypnotic state to be like (and I was not doing hypnobirthing, although I’d read the book.)

      • I do the same thing. With my first birth there were times that I was too distracted to be able to and that’s when things were painful and distressing. It is a form of self-hypnosis that some people are capable of doing without being taught. My second birth was awesome because I knew that’s what was going to happen and prepared everything so that I could remain focused.

  11. Nobody addresse the hurry up part. Why does mom have to hurry up? If mo is pushing then she is pushing. What does this nurse want a cannon ball blasting through and leaving a horrible tear? And why the heck does she have to listen to you. Maybe she is in labor land where nursie-poo doesn’t even exist. Leave the woman alone! Nursie-poo is not the center of attention nor should she be!

  12. I was told while in the pushing stage as I was talking to my newborn to tell him to come out (his head kept going in and out) that I need to stop talking I need to be pushing by an ob.

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