Nov 092012

“Just a slight natural tear.”  - OB to mother right after cutting an episiotomy without asking for permission

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 November 9, 2012  episiotomy, informed consent, OB, pushing  Add comments

  13 Responses to ““Just A Slight Natural Tear.””

  1. Just a slight natural crack” said the assailant after bashing the victim’s head with a baseball bat

  2. They lie because they know it’s wrong. If they thought they were doing something awesome and helpful, they wouldn’t lie.

  3. This pisses me off! Why aren’t these OBs held accountable for sexual assault? Why don’t they have their lincenses revoked? Honestly, how barbaric can you be?

    • This wouldn’t be counted as sexual assault, though, just assault (if anything). Damaging sexual organs does not immediately turn it into sexual assault.

    • I don’t get it, either. I recently reported a doctor for doing this to my client. After two months of deliberation (during which the doc called my client and yelled at her for ‘making his life difficult’ by agreeing with my letter) they concluded that the doc had acted within the standards of care.

    • licenses revoked would be through the state licensing board, but why is it not possible to file medical assault charges — *criminal* charges rather than malpractice charges?

    • How about falsifying medical records? That one you could get him on.

  4. There’s nothing natural about the sound the scissors make when cutting your skin. A sound that I remember and haunts me to this day from my (unfortunately necessary) episiotomy.

  5. was the the same person where they told the partner to turn off the camera for liability reasons? either way its disgusting and this doctor knows he/she was wrong which is why they lied about it. makes me sick

  6. If my vagina had grown a pair of scissors, I think my husband would have said something by now.

  7. ::whips out a hammer and whacks doctor upside the head::

    “Just a slight natural headache. You’ll be fine, doc!”

  8. Oh yes, because it’s perfectly natural to have your perineum cut with scissors. *eyeroll*

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