Nov 092012

“I’m not at all confident in this.” – OB to L&D Nurse in front of a mother who was pushing.

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 November 9, 2012  birth, L&D Nurse, OB, pushing  Add comments

  8 Responses to ““I’m Not At All Confident In This.””

  1. Then get the hell out!

  2. YOUR confidence doesn’t matter nearly as much as MOM’s confidence. So say something to make her feel confident.

  3. OH! Do NOT introduce your lack of confidence during that time, that invites disaster – keep it to yourself.

  4. There isn’t a profession out there that this comment would be remotely acceptable.

    “Thank you for flying MOSW airlines… I know the flight looks like it is going well, but just to let you know, I’m not at all confident in this. I think I may run the plane into the ground right now because I KNOW I can at least do THAT”.

    “Thank you for bringing your car to MOSW repair shop. We have all the tools and knowledge to repair your car, but I’m not at all confident in this. Maybe if you hadn’t wrecked your car you wouldn’t be in the position of needing a repair service”

    “Thank you for choosing MOSW bakery for your wedding cake needs. I’m not at all confident in this, so how about we make it a birthday cake? After all, all that matters is my comfort level and the fact that you have a cake at all!”

  5. Props for being honest, now step back and put your hands behind your back and let the professional do the job all by herself you twit, how hard is it to catch a baby and pass it to the mother?

  6. Well now, that makes two of us. I’m not confident of YOUR abilities either…

  7. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with not being confident in something. But there’s definitely something wrong in vocalizing your lack of confidence in this very moment! If you feel that uncomfortable in whatever is going on, apologize, excuse yourself and then go find someone that can help. Don’t just state your discomfort and then stand around twiddling your thumbs.

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