Nov 082012

“We usually go over the birth with you at this appointment, but you really don’t seem up to it. How about we just check you physically and make another appointment for next week?” – Midwife to mother struggling with postpartum depression.  The midwife then helped the mother to set up an appointment with a counselor.

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  5 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday! “We Usually Go Over The Birth With You…You Really Don’t Seem Up For It. How About We…Make Another Appointment…””

  1. Whoa.

    I wish I’d had this midwife after my first birth.

  2. It’s nice that she didn’t just say that the op needed to see a counselor. She made the appointment with her and that is very kind.

  3. What a wonderful and supportive midwife!

  4. That is the kind of midwife I want to be one day.

  5. This is mine. The best part was that she wasn’t even my “official” midwife. I had several follow me because of different things, and this one was a floater, that filled the holes when needed. We had met only twice before this. Was very much appreciated. If I have another baby, I am going back to the same place and requesting her and the other midwife who delivered my baby as she was awesome too.

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