Nov 072012

“You’re going to have to sit up by yourself, I can’t do it for you.” – L&D Nurse to mother who was struggling to sit up during the pushing phase while exhausted and with a heavy epidural.  She asked for help.

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 November 7, 2012  epidural, L&D Nurse, labor, pushing  Add comments

  12 Responses to ““You’re Going To Have To Sit Up By Yourself, I Can’t Do it For You.””

  1. Thanks for nothing.

    I had a home birth recently and was obviously unmedicated, and it was STILL nearly impossible for me to sit up on my own. I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been if I’d been heavily medicated.

  2. Then what are you here for if not to help the mother give birth?

    • Oh, don’t be silly now, the nurse is obviously there only to scream Push-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 PUUush!!! She has to preserve her strength for that so unfortunately she can’t get over tired by helping the mother at all.

  3. Then stfu, gtfo, k thx bye!

  4. When I had prenatal appts the midwives always insisted on helping me to sit up after the Doppler etc because you aren’t supposed to sit straight up when pregnant, or at least it is unpleasant to engage those muscles. Why would being in labor be any different?

  5. This was mine. Yeah, I had been awake all night laboring, too. My husband helped me sit up. Thank God I had him every step of the way.

  6. Unless this nurse had a physical reason behind not being to help, such as being heavily pregnant herself or maybe having some back problems, she had no right not to help! And if she did have a physical reason, the proper response would have been, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t help you because fill in the blank. Let me go grab my co-worker right quick. She’ll get you sitting up and comfortable!”

  7. Oh, one more thought here. The nurse said, “I can’t do it for you.” Um, who asked her to do it for her! She asked for help, not for the nurse to magically sit up for her!

  8. I didn’t ask you to sit up for me, I asked you to do your job and help me.

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